Did you know that choosing the right commercial refrigerator can significantly impact your business’s success? With such a wide range of options, finding the perfect match for your unique needs can be overwhelming.

This article is designed to help simplify this process for you by providing an ultimate guide to selecting high-quality, cost-effective commercial refrigerators tailored to your specific needs.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are different types of commercial refrigerators to choose from, including reach-in refrigerators, under-counter refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, prep table fridges, and walk-in coolers.
  • When choosing a commercial refrigerator, important factors to consider include size, location, budget, maintenance level, energy efficiency, safety features, and noise level.
  • Evaluating commercial refrigerators should be based on key specifications like size and durability; trustworthy sources such as industry experts and customer reviews; and performance testing conducted by reputable organizations.
  • Top picks for the best commercial refrigerators include the Beverage-Air RB49HC-1S Reach-In with lockable doors and adjustable shelves, and the Westlake 27” Commercial Reach-In.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators

A diverse row of commercial refrigerators in a well-lit setting.

There are several types of commercial refrigerators available for businesses, including reach-in refrigerators, under-counter refrigerators, worktop refrigerators, prep table fridges, and walk-in coolers.

Reach-in Refrigerators

Reach-in refrigerators are a must for any food or drink store. With their easy-to-open doors, they let you get what you need fast. You can find these coolers in many sizes to fit your space and needs.

They keep fruits, veggies, dairy, and drinks chilled and fresh. Some even have LED lights inside to help you see better. A digital screen shows the temperature so it’s just right. And when you close the door? It shuts tight all by itself!

Under-counter Refrigerators

Under-counter refrigerators are a top choice for many businesses. They add more storage space to kitchens in restaurants. Being compact, they fit well under counters or bars. This type of commercial refrigerator is often used with chef bases.

The height of these fridges can change. This means you need to know the size of your space first. So be sure it will fit before you buy one. These mini fridges come in different types too! Options include beverage coolers and glass door refrigerators.

Worktop Refrigerators

Worktop refrigerators are a top pick for many kitchens. They give you spot to cut, chop and prep food right above your cool storage. This is great news for businesses that need both cold space and work areas.

Worktop fridges come in different sizes and can hold much or little food as needed. They stand up to hard use making them perfect for busy commercial kitchens. With their strong build, they keep serving your business for a long time without trouble.

Prep Table Fridges

Prep table fridges are commonly used in restaurant kitchens. They have a work surface on top where you can prepare ingredients and assemble dishes easily. What makes them even more convenient is that they also have a refrigerated storage area underneath the work surface.

This means that you can keep your ingredients fresh and easily accessible while you’re working. Prep table fridges come in different sizes and configurations, so you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly.

If you have limited space in your food preparation area, a prep table fridge is a great option to consider.

Walk-in Coolers

Walk-in coolers are large refrigerators or freezers that are like a room. They come in two types: prebuilt with set dimensions and configuration options, and built-in coolers. There are also outdoor walk-in coolers that can be placed outside a business.

Walk-in coolers have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to other commercial refrigeration types. They can even be used to store floral designs in certain situations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Refrigerator

A modern commercial kitchen with a well-stocked refrigerator and ingredients.

Considerations for choosing a commercial refrigerator include size, location, budget, maintenance level, and other non-negotiable factors.


The size of a commercial refrigerator is an important factor to consider when choosing one for your business. It should be suitable for your specific needs and able to accommodate the amount of food and beverages that need to be stored.

Keep in mind that units with the same external width may have different internal dimensions, so it’s crucial to consider both measurements. Additionally, think about the available space in your commercial kitchen and ensure that the size of the refrigerator is compatible with your kitchen’s layout and design.


Choosing the right location for your commercial refrigerator is crucial for your business. You need to consider factors such as available space, spatial constraints, and proximity to other equipment.

Think about how you can make the most of the space you have to keep costs down. It’s also important to think about access points and the location of entrances and doorways when deciding on the type of doors for your refrigerator.

The size and capacity of the refrigerator will depend on the available space and its placement in your facility. Furthermore, where you place it can affect energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


The budget is an important factor to consider when choosing a commercial refrigerator for your business. You need to think about how much you can afford and what price range you’re comfortable with.

It’s crucial to set a budget before you start looking, so you know your financial limitations. Keep in mind the cost of ownership, including energy efficiency and maintenance expenses.

Look for options that offer value for money without compromising on quality. Affordable and budget-friendly choices are available, helping you make a cost-conscious decision that meets your needs while staying within your financial means.

Maintenance Level

Proper maintenance is extremely important when choosing a commercial refrigerator for your business. Taking care of your kitchen equipment, including refrigerators, is essential for their longevity and efficiency.

When considering the maintenance level associated with commercial refrigerators, it’s crucial to think about routine upkeep and proper care. This includes regular cleaning and sanitation to prevent any build-up or contamination.

It’s also important to check for leaks and ensure proper air circulation to keep the refrigerator running efficiently. By taking these maintenance requirements into account, you can ensure that your commercial refrigerator will have a prolonged lifespan and operate at its best capacity.

Additionally, consider looking for energy-saving features and warranty options when selecting a commercial refrigerator to further optimize its performance.

Other Non-negotiables

When choosing a commercial refrigerator, there are other important factors to consider besides size, location, budget, and maintenance level. These non-negotiables can greatly impact the functionality and efficiency of your fridge.

Firstly, energy efficiency is crucial for reducing electricity costs and promoting sustainability. Look for refrigerators with high Energy Star ratings to ensure they use less energy.

Secondly, prioritize safety features such as door locks and temperature alarms to protect your stored goods. Lastly, consider the noise level of the refrigerator as it can affect the comfort of your workspace or dining area.

How We Evaluated Commercial Refrigerators

We evaluated commercial refrigerators based on key specifications, trustworthy sources, customer reviews, and performance testing.

Key specifications

When choosing a commercial refrigerator, it’s important to consider key specifications like size, durability, and performance. You want to make sure the refrigerator is the right size for your business needs and can fit in your designated space.

Durability is also crucial as you want a fridge that will last long and withstand heavy use. Additionally, look for good performance features like temperature control and energy efficiency to ensure your food stays fresh while saving on energy costs.

By considering these key specifications, you can find the best commercial refrigerator for your business without breaking the bank.

Trustworthy sources

When evaluating commercial refrigerators, it is crucial to rely on trustworthy sources for accurate and reliable information. These sources can help you make an informed decision about the best refrigerator for your business needs.

We evaluated commercial refrigerators based on key specifications, such as capacity and energy efficiency, by consulting experts in the industry who have extensive knowledge and experience.

We also considered customer reviews to understand real-life experiences with different models. Additionally, we conducted performance testing to assess factors like temperature consistency and durability.

Customer reviews

According to a survey of over 5,000 readers and an analysis of more than 28,000 reviews, LG fridges tend to receive positive customer feedback. Many consumers have expressed satisfaction with the performance and reliability of LG refrigerators.

This information can be valuable for upper and middle class consumers, as well as aspiring consumers and those in the rural segment who are entering the consumer market. By considering customer reviews, you can make informed decisions about which commercial refrigerator is best suited for your business needs.

Performance testing

Refrigeration equipment goes through performance testing to distinguish products in the market. This testing uses customized protocols to evaluate how well a commercial refrigerator performs.

The Department of Energy (DOE) even conducted a market survey to see if any small business manufacturers would be covered by regulations for commercial refrigeration. Intertek provides complete testing and certification services for commercial appliances, including refrigerators.

It’s important to note that according to Consumer Reports’ tests, the best refrigerators available in 2023 include fridges from Dacor. So, when choosing a commercial refrigerator for your business, it is crucial to consider these performance evaluations and seek reputable brands with proven results.

Top Picks: The Best Commercial Refrigerators for Your Business

Discover the top commercial refrigerators that will meet all your business needs and provide reliable food storage solutions.

Beverage-Air RB49HC-1S Reach-In

The Beverage-Air RB49HC-1S Reach-In is one of the best commercial refrigerators for your business. With an overall score of 4.38 out of 5, it comes highly recommended. It has a net capacity of 46.15 cubic feet, giving you plenty of space to store your products.

The refrigerator features lockable hinged self-closing solid doors and adjustable wire shelves for easy organization. Plus, it is equipped with LED lighting for better visibility inside the fridge.

The Beverage-Air RB49HC-1S Reach-In is part of the Beverage Air Vista Series known for its heavy-duty construction, making it durable and long-lasting.

Westlake 27” Commercial Reach-In

The Westlake 27” Commercial Reach-In is a top pick for the best commercial refrigerators for businesses. It is a stainless steel reach-in refrigerator with a solid single door and upright fan cooling.

With a capacity of 23 cubic feet, this refrigerator is perfect for restaurants, bars, and shops. The Westlake 27” Commercial Reach-In is known for its high performance and durability in demanding restaurant environments.

Business owners should consider several factors before purchasing a commercial refrigerator, such as size, location, budget, maintenance level, and other non-negotiables.

Coldline C-2RE 54″ Two-door Reach-in

The Coldline C-2RE 54″ Two-door Reach-in is a top pick for commercial refrigerators. It has a large capacity of 47 cubic feet, providing ample space for storage. The stainless steel construction makes it durable and long-lasting, both on the inside and outside.

The shelves are coated with epoxy to resist corrosion and are easy to clean. With a temperature range between 33°F to 41°F, this refrigerator ensures optimal conditions for food storage.

If you’re looking for a reliable and spacious refrigerator that will meet your business needs, the Coldline C-2RE 54″ Two-door Reach-in is worth considering.

Arctic Air AUC27R Worktop/Under-counter Fridge

The Arctic Air AUC27R is a solid door under-counter refrigerator that is highly recommended for restaurants and businesses looking for reliable refrigeration. With its self-closing door and foamed-in-place handle, it provides convenience and durability.

This fridge has a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet, offering ample space to store food and beverages. Priced at $1,399, it offers excellent value for money. Whether you’re an upper-class consumer or someone entering the market for the first time, the Arctic Air AUC27R is a top pick that won’t disappoint.

KITMA 2 Glass Door Commercial Fridge

The KITMA 2 Glass Door Commercial Fridge is a top pick for businesses looking for the best commercial refrigerators. With its 2 glass doors and storage capacity of 49 Cu. ft., it provides ample space to store all your products.

The fridge also comes with 6 adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize the storage based on your needs. Made of stainless steel inside and outside, it is not only durable but also easy to clean.

This makes it a reliable option for long-term commercial use. Whether you are an upper or middle-class consumer, an aspiring business owner, or part of the rural segment entering the consumer market, this fridge offers convenience and customization to suit your business refrigeration needs.

Arctic Air AR23 Single Door Reach-In

The Arctic Air AR23 is a single door reach-in refrigerator that offers commercial-grade performance at an affordable price. It features an electronic thermostat and an external digital LED display, making it easy to monitor and adjust the temperature.

With its solid door design, this refrigerator is durable and reliable for your business needs. The AR23 has a capacity of 23 cu.ft., providing ample storage space for your perishable items.

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to upgrade your current refrigeration equipment, the Arctic Air AR23 is a top pick that delivers both quality and value.

Commercial Refrigerator FAQs

What are some common questions about commercial refrigerators?

Energy efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient commercial refrigerator is important for businesses looking to lower their operating costs and reduce energy consumption. When selecting a commercial fridge, it’s crucial to look for models that have an Energy Star certification, as these meet specific energy efficiency standards.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides helpful acquisition guidance for energy-efficient commercial refrigerators and freezers. Additionally, examining the energy labels on these refrigerators can give you a better understanding of their efficiency levels.

Opting for an energy-efficient option can help businesses save money on utility bills and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Maintenance and repair

Proper maintenance and repair of commercial refrigerators are crucial for their efficient functioning. Regular cleaning schedules should be followed as part of a maintenance checklist to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

By knowing how to care for these appliances, businesses can save time and money while also improving the overall performance of their refrigeration equipment.

Following preventive maintenance tips, such as cleaning the condenser coil regularly and checking for any leaks or unusual noises, can help businesses avoid costly emergency repairs.

Routine planned maintenance is more cost-effective compared to relying on last-minute repairs that may result in downtime and disruption to daily operations. By implementing a proactive approach to maintenance, businesses can minimize downtime, prevent equipment breakdowns, and ultimately save money in the long run.

It’s important for business owners to understand that regular care and maintenance not only improve the performance of commercial refrigerators but also contribute to significant cost savings over time.


When purchasing a commercial refrigerator for your business, it is important to consider the warranty coverage. Continental Refrigerator offers a 3-year parts and labor warranty on all their refrigeration units, giving you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

In addition to the 3-year warranty, there is also an extra 2-year compressor warranty. This reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability. Having a commercial fridge with a warranty ensures that you have reliable equipment for your business needs.

Some refrigerators even come with a 10-year compressor warranty, providing even more reassurance. So when choosing a commercial refrigerator, make sure to check out the warranty options available to protect your investment and keep your business running smoothly.

Differences between reach-in and walk-in refrigerators

Reach-in refrigerators and walk-in refrigerators are two common types of commercial refrigeration units used in various industries, such as restaurants and commercial kitchens. One key difference between these two types is the capacity they offer for storage.

Reach-in refrigerators are designed to store smaller quantities of food or beverages, making them ideal for frequently accessed items. On the other hand, walk-in refrigerators are much larger in size and can accommodate larger quantities of food or beverages.

Another notable difference is the accessibility of these refrigeration units. Reach-in refrigerators have shallow shelves that allow easy access to stored items without needing to step inside.

This makes them convenient for quickly grabbing commonly used ingredients or drinks. In contrast, walk-in refrigerators require stepping inside the unit to access stored items due to their larger size.

In terms of size, reach-in refrigerators are usually narrower than walk-in models. This feature allows them to be placed in tight spaces where a walk-in refrigerator may not fit properly.


Finding the best commercial refrigerator for your business is crucial for keeping food fresh and customers safe. By considering factors like size, budget, and maintenance level, you can make an informed choice.

With our ultimate guide and top picks, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect commercial refrigerator that meets your needs. Don’t settle for subpar cooling – invest in quality equipment to ensure your business’s success.