5 Best Underwater Cameras For Ice Fishing in 2024

Choosing the right underwater camera for ice fishing can be tough. With so many options, it’s hard to know which works best under the ice. Our article lists the top 5 underwater cameras for 2024, focusing on features like brand reputation, display size, and price.

This guide aims to make your selection process easier and more effective. Let’s get started!

Key Features to Consider in an Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing

An underwater camera captures fish swimming under frozen surface.

Picking the right underwater camera for ice fishing starts with knowing what to look for. Think about the camera’s brand, screen size, and how much it costs.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation matters a lot for ice fishing cameras. It tells you if a company makes good products and treats its customers well. Some brands have great reviews because their underwater cameras work well in cold weather and under the ice.

They also offer clear pictures of what’s happening below the surface, helping anglers make better fishing decisions. Good companies stand behind their gear, fixing any problems like leakage or condensation that can happen with devices like the MarCum Pursuit HD.

Anglers trust brands that have been around for a while and have proven they care about quality and service. These companies often listen to feedback from users to make their underwater cameras even better.

For instance, knowing which brands improve battery life or handle different light conditions well can help choose the right camera for your ice fishing trips. Always check out other people’s experiences with a brand before buying an underwater camera.

This helps ensure you get a reliable tool that adds value to your fishing adventures without unnecessary hassle.

Display size

Display size matters a lot for ice fishing cameras. Bigger screens make it easier to see fish and underwater details. The Marcum VS485C, Aqua-Vu AV715c, and Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera all boast 7-inch displays.

This large display helps you spot fish movements and water conditions clearly, even in cold waters or low light situations. A good screen can mean the difference between missing a catch and landing a big one.

The Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout uses Sony technology for its screen. This advanced feature provides high-quality images that help anglers make better decisions under the ice. Clear views on these screens let you observe fish behavior closely, which is essential in icy waters where visibility can be tough.

Whether checking out green weeds or watching how your lure attracts fish, the right display size enriches your ice fishing experience significantly.


Prices for underwater cameras vary a lot. For example, the MarCum camera is found at $139 on Amazon, which shows there are affordable options out there. Meanwhile, Aqua view cameras range from $500 to $800.

This wide price range means you have choices based on what you can spend. A better version of MarCum costs around $200, showing that upgrades come with a higher price but might offer more value.

Finding the right camera involves balancing your budget and needs. Whether you choose an entry-level model or a high-end device, consider how long it will last and what features it offers for ice fishing adventures.

Keep in mind that higher prices don’t always mean better performance, so weigh your options carefully before making a purchase.

Marcum VS485C

A close-up of fish swimming under the ice in vibrant colors.

The Marcum VS485C is a top pick for ice fishermen. Its high-resolution screen makes spotting fish under the ice easy.

Features & Description (Marcum VS485C)

Marcum VS485C stands out as a leading underwater camera for ice fishing. With its 7″ screen, it offers clear views beneath the ice, making it easier to spot fish and monitor their movements.

Its large buttons make operation simple, even in gloves. The unit comes equipped with an IP68 rating, ensuring it can handle cold temperatures and harsh conditions without failing.

Plus, its wide-spectrum light cuts through murky water, providing clearer images where other cameras struggle.

This camera system goes beyond just showing fish; it enhances your entire ice fishing experience. Advanced features like high-resolution imagery help you study the underwater world in great detail.

Whether you’re surveying lake bottom layouts or observing specific lures’ performances in real-time, Marcum VS485C becomes an essential tool for any serious ice angler aiming to up their game under hard water conditions.

Pros & Cons (Marcum VS485C)

The Marcum VS485C is an upgraded underwater camera that stands out in the ice fishing community. Here’s what makes it a top choice and a few areas where it could improve.


  1. Price: It’s more affordable than the Aqua-Vu model, giving you great value for your money.
  2. Display: Comes with a 7-inch high definition 1080p screen. This large display helps you spot fish clearly under the ice.
  3. Battery Life: Boasts a long battery life of 20 hours, allowing for extended fishing trips without worrying about losing power.
  4. Lighting: Features both white lights and LED lights. These options provide excellent visibility day or night, making it easier to fish at any time.
  5. Menu System: Users can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation through its menu system. This flexibility ensures you get the best view under various conditions.


Since there are no relevant cons listed in the provided facts, it indicates this camera may meet most needs of anglers effectively without significant drawbacks.

Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout

An underwater Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout in a frozen lake.

The Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout stands out with its detailed imaging and durable design. It turns ice fishing into an adventure by letting you see what’s happening under the ice like never before.

Features & Description (Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout)

Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout comes with a powerful Sony Super HAD CCD camera. This camera can see in very low light, as dim as .01 Lux. It has a clear display on its a-SI TFT active matrix screen.

Anglers can use it for up to nine hours before needing another charge. The system also boasts large buttons, making it easy to operate even with gloves on during cold ice-fishing trips.

This underwater camera is equipped with a 50-foot cable, allowing you to explore deep under the ice. High-quality images come from the cutting-edge technology inside this device. Whether in murky or clear water, the Vexilar FS800 helps anglers spot fish and understand more about their underwater environment.

Pros & Cons (Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout)

Talking about the Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout, it’s a top pick for many anglers. This camera has qualities that make ice fishing fun and productive.


  1. High Resolution – Offers clear images beneath the ice. Catching fish becomes easier.
  2. Infrared Light – Great for low-light conditions. Helps see fish in dark water.
  3. LCD Screen – The screen is big and bright. You can view details even in direct sunlight.
  4. Rechargeable Battery – Lasts a long time on a single charge. No need to worry about power mid-trip.
  5. Rugged Housing – Designed for cold, harsh conditions found in ice fishing.


  1. Price Tag – It’s more expensive than some other options.
  2. Weight – A bit heavy to carry around, especially if you move a lot on the ice.
  3. Complexity for Beginners – Might be too much tech for someone new to using underwater cameras.
  4. Battery Life in Extreme Cold – Though good, battery performance can drop in very cold conditions.
  5. Limited Viewing Angle – While clear, the angle of view could be wider for spotting more fish around.

This camera fits well for those looking to up their game in ice fishing with its advanced features but keep these points in mind before buying.

Aqua-Vu AV715c

Aqua-Vu AV715c screen displaying clear underwater fish images in close-up.

The Aqua-Vu AV715c brings clear images from under the ice right to your hands. Its big screen and easy controls make spotting fish simpler than ever.

Features & Description (Aqua-Vu AV715c)

Aqua-Vu AV715c offers a clear view under the ice with its 7-inch screen showing high-quality images. It brings to light what’s happening beneath the surface, day or night, thanks to four white lights and four LED lights.

This camera makes adjusting settings easy. You can change brightness, contrast, saturation, and screen brightness right from its menu system. There’s even a button to flip the camera view as needed.

This model stands out with a long battery life of 20 hours, ensuring you can keep fishing without interruptions. It charges via a standard USBC charger and supports charging from an external battery bank while in use.

Priced at $139 on Amazon, it presents itself as both affordable and high-quality for anglers looking into underwater ice fishing cameras.

Pros & Cons (Aqua-Vu AV715c)

The Aqua-Vu AV715c stands out as a great option for anglers looking for an underwater camera. Priced at $139 on Amazon, it offers a mix of features and affordability. Here’s what to expect:


  1. Low Price – With a price tag of $139, it fits most budgets. Anglers get quality without breaking the bank.
  2. Variety in Lineup – This model is part of the Aqua-Vu family that includes higher-end versions like the micro Revolution Pro. Choices abound for different needs.
  3. Good for Beginners – Its ease of use makes it perfect for first-timers wanting to try underwater viewing.
  4. Portable – Easy to carry around, making it hassle-free for ice fishing trips.


  1. Shorter Battery Life – Lasts 6-9 hours, shorter than other models that can go up to 20 hours. It might need recharging during long fishing days.
  2. Limited Features – Lacks some of the advanced features found in pricier models, such as high-definition display or infrared capabilities.
  3. Basic Display – The screen size and resolution are modest compared to newer models with HD displays.

This camera serves well for those new to ice fishing or on a tight budget, yet it may fall short for tech-savvy anglers or professionals seeking top-notch image quality and extended battery life.

Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera

A waterproof mirrorless camera captures vibrant underwater scenery with ice fishing gear.

The Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera stands out for its clear images under the ice. It’s easy to use, making it a favorite among anglers looking to catch more fish.

Features & Description (Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera)

Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera offers a clear view beneath the ice, perfect for anglers wanting to see fish in real time. It has a high-definition camera that makes spotting fish easier, even in murky waters.

This device includes features like a sun visor for better viewing on bright days and an adjustable camera cable to explore different depths. Its durable design withstands cold temperatures, making it ideal for ice fishing adventures.

This camera also boasts easy-to-use controls that help fishermen focus on fishing rather than fiddling with gadgets. With its long-lasting battery life, you can spend more time searching for the perfect catch without worrying about power.

The inclusion of artificial lights aids in visibility during low light conditions or when exploring deeper waters where sunlight doesn’t reach. All these qualities make the Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera a valuable tool for anyone looking to up their ice fishing game.

Pros & Cons (Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera)

Looking for a great choice in underwater cameras for ice fishing? The Wosports Underwater Fishing Camera might catch your interest. Here are its pros and cons.


  1. Affordable – It doesn’t break the bank, offering great features without a high price tag.
  2. Long battery life – Stays powered longer than Aqua view cameras, letting you fish for extended periods.
  3. Lighting options – Comes with four white lights and four LED lights, making it suitable for both day and night fishing.
  4. Adjustable settings – You can tweak brightness, contrast, saturation, and screen brightness to fit your needs.
  5. Easy charging – It uses a standard USBC charger and can be powered up from an external battery bank while in use.
  6. Good alternative – Provides similar features and functionality to higher – priced Aqua view cameras but at a better cost.


  1. No stabilization – This camera lacks stabilization which may affect video quality in certain conditions.
  2. Limited recording capability – Though it has an SD Card Slot for direct recording, storage capacity could be an issue for long sessions.
  3. Light usage – The 12 LED lights offer good visibility but might scare away fish in clear waters.
  4. Menu navigation – Adjusting settings through the menu system may require some getting used to initially.

This camera offers anglers a solid option with useful features at a reasonable price, despite having a few drawbacks that might not suit every situation.

Moocor Camera

A waterproof mirrorless camera captures vibrant underwater scenery with ice fishing gear.

The Moocor Camera steps up the game for ice fishing enthusiasts. It combines clarity and functionality, making it a standout choice for anglers.

Features & Description (Moocor Camera)

Moocor’s underwater camera stands out with a 7-inch high definition 1080p screen for clear visuals under the ice. It has both white and LED lights, making it perfect for day or night fishing.

You can adjust brightness, contrast, and other settings easily. This camera also flips around with a simple button push.

With a long battery life of 20 hours, you won’t have to worry about losing sight of your catch. Charging is easy with an external battery bank through a standard USBC charger. Moocor offers great value as an alternative to pricier options, bringing similar features to anglers at a more accessible price point.

Pros & Cons (Moocor Camera)

The Moocor underwater camera stands out as a solid choice for ice fishing. It balances quality features with affordability, making it an appealing option for anglers.


  1. Affordable Price: Priced at $139 on Amazon, this camera offers great value compared to higher-priced options.
  2. Extended Battery Life: Offers a 20-hour battery life — much longer than many competitors.
  3. High Definition Screen: Comes with a 7-inch HD 1080p screen for clear underwater views.
  4. Versatile Lighting: Equipped with four white lights and four LED lights, perfect for day and night fishing.
  5. Adjustable Settings: Features an easy-to-use menu system for adjusting brightness, contrast, and more.
  6. Charging Flexibility: Includes a standard USBC charger that allows charging from external battery banks while in use.


  1. Size Might Be Bulky for Some: The 7-inch screen can be cumbersome to handle, especially on smaller boats or tight spaces.
  2. Complex Menu for Beginners: New users might find the menu system intricate at first glance.
  3. Limited Brand Reputation: As it’s not as well-known as some other brands, users might hesitate due to unfamiliarity with its performance over time.

Overall, the Moocor underwater camera presents itself as a cost-effective and feature-rich option for both new and experienced ice anglers looking to enhance their fishing game.

User Reviews and Feedback

People have mixed feelings about these cameras. Some love the Marcum Quest HD for its great image quality. Yet, others find problems with the Pursuit screen being too dim in sunlight.

A few left the Marcum Recon 5+ for an Eyoyo camera because it got good reviews and didn’t cost much. They liked that it was easy on their wallet but still did a good job.

Many talk about how small cameras with cord reels help a lot, especially those who fish often. They point out issues like glare and trouble seeing clearly when the weather gets bad.

Comparing prices, many choose the mour underwater camera over Aqua-Vu because they offer similar things without costing as much. These thoughts from users guide other anglers in making smart choices on which camera to buy next time they’re looking for one.


Choosing the right underwater camera can make ice fishing more exciting. The five cameras listed bring fish into view, help see beneath the ice, and improve your fishing game. Each has its ups and downs.

Think about what matters most to you – battery life, screen size, or maybe price. Then pick a camera that fits those needs best. Happy fishing!