Link Whisper Review: Easiest Way to Build Internal Links

Are you tired of manually inserting internal links in your blog posts? You’re not alone. Link Whisper, a WordPress plugin that uses Natural Language Processing technology, can help streamline this tedious task.

This review digs deep into the core features, pros and cons, pricing structure of Link Whisper and its application in SEO strategy. Keep reading to discover if this tool deserves a spot in your blogging toolkit!

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Key Takeaways

  • Link Whisper is a great tool for WordPress users. It helps put links in blog posts fast and easy.
  • This tool uses smart tech to suggest the best places for new links.
  • With Link Whisper, bloggers can see all their links in one place. They can also track how each link works.
  • Link Whisper works well but only on WordPress sites. Plus, it may not work well with non – English languages yet.

Understanding Link Whisper: An Overview

Internal linking with link whisper

Link Whisper is a groundbreaking SEO tool designed specifically for WordPress sites. Primarily, it functions as an internal link-building plugin that streamlines the process of creating and managing your site’s internal links.

Link Whisper harnesses NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to analyze the content on your website in order to provide relevant link suggestions. Made with users in mind, its interface is user-friendly and customizable depending on individual needs.

Its powerful features include automatic link insertion to targeted keywords, comprehensive internal link reporting, and efficient detection of broken links or orphan pages within your site.

Not only does this robust tool enhance your SEO strategy by optimizing internal linking but it also saves considerable time and effort that would have been spent manually handling these tasks.

Despite being limited to WordPress at present, Link Whisper boasts a high satisfaction rate among users evidenced by its 4.8 out of 5 average rating.

Who should use Link Whisper?

Bloggers, site owners, and content writers can make good use of Link Whisper. This tool aids in linking web pages on your own website. It’s great for those who have a WordPress site.

Also, it is handy for people that don’t want to spend too much time adding these links by hand. The tool even uses smart tech to think up the best places to put new links! If you run a big website or write many blogs, this tool will help you a lot.

Plus, it won’t cost much money to use Link Whisper because there are discounts available!

Key Features of Link Whisper

The futuristic digital interface displays internal link data for Technology Photography.

Discover how Link Whisper’s unique features can revolutionize your SEO game, from automatic link addition to detailed internal link reporting. Don’t miss out – read on to explore this tool’s capabilities in-depth!

Automatic link addition to targeted keywords

Link Whisper has a cool tool. It puts links in your blog post all by itself. You just need to pick the right keywords you want. Then, Link Whisper will find those words in your text and add a link for you automatically! This saves you time and helps boost your SEO score too.

The best part is that these links stay there forever unless you choose to remove them yourself.

Internal link suggestions while writing

Link Whisper makes your job easier with its smart tool. As you write, it gives ideas for internal links. This helps to connect your posts and create good flow within the website. You save time and make a better blog site without extra effort.

Detailed internal link reporting

Link Whisper offers a great feature known as detailed internal link reporting. This tool helps you keep track of all your site’s internal links. You can see how each link works and make better decisions about your SEO strategy.

It tells you about organic traffic, the average spot on Google, and what keywords are doing well for you. Using Link Whisper keeps your website fast too! The code it uses is clean which makes your site speed zippy even when lots of links are added.

All the links stay put until you choose to remove them yourself. But take note, only WordPress sites can use Link Whisper, and it may not work in all languages.

Detecting and fixing orphan pages and broken links

One helpful part of Link Whisper is finding and mending orphan pages and broken links.

  • This tool quickly finds orphan pages. These are posts that no other pages on your site link to.
  • It also locates broken links. These are dead ends that lead nowhere for your users.
  • After finding them, Link Whisper fixes it all for you. You do not have to worry about doing it by hand anymore.
  • This is great if you want to keep users on your site longer. Broken links or orphan pages can push them to leave fast.
  • Using Link Whisper’s NLP technology, the process is easy and stress – free.
  • Your blog stays clean, user – friendly, and easy to browse.
  • You save time and energy with this feature, so you can focus on providing the best content you can for your audience.
  • Now, your internal link – building process becomes a breeze!

Seamless integration with other tools

Link Whisper works well with other tools. It pairs up with popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and All in One SEO. You can also use it with WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Divi, SiteOrigin, and Beaver.

This makes your work easy. Above all, Link Whisper teams up with Google Search Console too. It gives you useful data about your site’s traffic and best keywords.

Pricing Breakdown for Link Whisper

A close-up of a colorful price breakdown chart for Link Whisper.

Link Whisper offers a diverse range of pricing plans to accommodate the needs and budget of every blogger. Below is the detailed price breakdown of the Link Whisper SEO tool:

License TypePrice Per Year
Single Site License$77
3 Site License$117
10 Site License$167
50 Site License$347

You also have the opportunity to reduce the cost using a promo code. With this, the Single Site License drops from $77 to $62, offering significant savings. Additionally, Link Whisper provides a 30-day refund policy, giving you the chance to try the tool risk-free. Choose the plan that best suits your needs, budget, and the size of your blog or blogging network.

Pros of Using Link Whisper

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Link Whisper offers myriad benefits, including its time-saving capabilities that automate the tedious process of link building. The SEO tool uses clean code, minimizing the risk of site bugs or slowdowns.

Furthermore, it provides a permanent link placement feature, ensuring your links stay intact even if you uninstall the plugin. Most impressively, Link Whisper does all this without any impact on your page speed, maintaining optimal user experience on your site.

Time-saving capabilities

Link Whisper is like a helpful friend for bloggers. It works fast to help you save time. The tool finds places in your blog where you can use more links. You don’t have to waste time doing this yourself.

You can also change how Link Whisper acts just for you. This helps make the tool work even better and saves more of your time. And it’s easy to use! All these things make Link Whisper a top choice for saving hours when blogging.

Clean code

Link Whisper makes clean code. It uses HTML code that is easy to read and understand. This means your site works well and fast. Some plugins use JavaScript which can slow down a website, but not Link Whisper! The tool does not lower your page speed even when you add many links.

So, there will be no bad changes to your site’s speed or SEO. Use the Link Whisper tool for clean coding on your blog today!

Permanent link placement

Link Whisper makes adding long-term links in your site easy. This tool offers ideas for link-building based on smart tech. You don’t need to spend much time or work hard to put these links in your site.

It lets you pick and choose which new permanent links you want. If your anchor text needs to change, Link Whisper can do it! To keep track of all the links, Link Whisper gives detailed reports too.

No impact on page speed

Link Whisper is quick to use and does not slow your website down. It adds links in a flash but still keeps your page speed up. Even with many internal links, your site stays fast. The HTML code of the links is clean too.

This means no heavy JavaScript redirects that can make pages take longer to load. So, you save time and keep a speedy site with Link Whisper!

Cons of Using Link Whisper

The Link Whisper interface with filters and language flags is shown.

While Link Whisper brings superb SEO benefits, it also has a few drawbacks such as filtering through irrelevant link suggestions, being exclusive to WordPress sites and lack of language support for non-English websites.

Dive in deeper to get a comprehensive understanding of these points.

Filtering through unnecessary suggestions

Link Whisper does a great job of providing link suggestions. But, not all suggestions will fit your content. Sometimes, you might get links that have nothing to do with your topic.

So, you need to spend time looking through these and tossing out the ones that don’t work. This can take up some of your time. Still, it helps in picking the best links for boosting your blog’s rank.

Limited to WordPress sites

Link Whisper only works with WordPress sites. If you use other platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, or Wix for your website, this plugin will not work. This makes it less useful for bloggers who don’t use WordPress as their content management system.

It is a big drawback that needs to be kept in mind before choosing Link Whisper over others.

Lack of support for all languages

Link Whisper does not work with all languages. Right now, it works best for English sites. This can be a problem for people who have websites in other languages. It might be harder to get the most out of Link Whisper if you don’t use one of its supported languages.

The company is working on adding more support for other languages though.

A Closer Look at Link Whisper’s Features

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Link Whisper brings a plethora of powerful features to the table, enabling users to add inbound internal links swiftly, get precise link suggestions while crafting posts and gain a comprehensive overview of all your links.

Its ability to detect and repair broken links is remarkable while also identifying orphaned posts, thus enhancing your site’s SEO value. The tool’s automatic link insertion feature saves time whereas its on-point link stats and charts offer insightful data for smarter decisions.

Additionally, with Link Whisper’s URL changer feature available at disposal, you can effortlessly update old links without any hassle and continuously improve your website’s structure through keyword assignment that polishes the quality of suggested links over time.

Adding inbound internal links quickly

With Link Whisper, you can add inbound internal links fast. It’s a tool that helps bloggers save time. You just choose the link and the words it should go with. Link Whisper will put them all on your blog for you.

All the links have clean HTML code which makes your site look good. The best part is, these links won’t go away! They stay on your blog forever, helping people find their way around.

Getting internal link suggestions in posts

Link Whisper helps you get the best links. As you write posts, it gives ideas for internal links. This tool is smart. It uses NLP tech to read your content and find good link options.

You save time this way and your blog gets better too!

Comprehensive view of all your links

Link Whisper gives you a full look at all your links. You get to see every link on your site in one place. This tool uses smart tech to figure out what content is on your website. It then shows you where links could be added.

If you use Link Whisper, you can manage and make better choices about your links more easily and fast.

Quick broken link fixing

Link Whisper finds all the broken links on your blog. It shows these bad links in a clear report. You can fix them fast with this tool. Just click on the link and make it right in seconds.

This feature is handy because broken links can harm your site. Search engines don’t like pages with dead ends. When you fix these, it helps push your blog up in search results. It’s good for you and your readers too!

Detection of orphaned posts

Link Whisper finds orphaned posts on your site. Orphaned posts are those without any internal links pointing to them. These lonely posts can hurt your website’s SEO ranking. Link Whisper makes it easy to spot these posts and correct the issue.

You don’t need to hunt for them yourself anymore. With a few clicks, you can add links and give new life to these forgotten pages!

Automatic link insertion

Link Whisper uses smart tech to add links. This plugin looks at your words. It then adds links that fit well with what you’re writing about. If you write about dogs, it will link to other dog posts on your site! This saves time and makes your work easier.

Best of all, the links help more people find and read your stuff!

Easy view of link stats and charts

Link Whisper makes it simple to see link stats and charts. You can track how your website is doing with these tools. With one quick look, you can see how many internal links you have.

You can also check out your anchor text distribution. This tool gives a clear view of your linking plan. It saves time by showing everything at once. Using this data can help you make better choices for your site’s linking plan.

Improved link suggestions through keyword assignment

Link Whisper makes your work easier. It gives you better link ideas using keyword assignment. This smart tool uses a process called natural language processing. It looks at your target keywords and gives good suggestions for internal linking.

One user saw their website traffic grow by 11,000% in just seven months with Link Whisper! So, this feature helps to increase visits to your site.

This SEO tool does not only suggest links. You can also add them quickly and easily to your blog posts. This saves time so you can focus on writing great content for your readers instead of searching for links.

If you use Link Whisper, you will find it is easy to get high-quality link ideas that improve website traffic.

Using URL changer to update old links

Link Whisper has a great tool called a URL changer. With it, you can update all your old links fast. It helps keep all your links in good shape and working right. If you have outdated or wrong information, the URL changer will fix it for you.

This keeps all data on your site fresh and correct. In no time, you can make sure each link leads to where it should!

Code Cleanliness and Site Speed Impact with Link Whisper

Link Whisper is great for site speed. Its HTML code is clean. This makes your site move fast and helps it get seen by search engines better. Link Whisper can work with SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

This makes the code even cleaner and the site faster still. You can also link it with Google Search Console for more help on this stuff. Plus, using Link Whisper feels easy because of its clear look.

Who are the Typical Users of Link Whisper?

Website owners, bloggers, and SEO pros often use Link Whisper. A lot of text on a website makes Link Whisper very helpful. It helps you deal with many links at one time. You can check all your links in one place.

This tool is great for keeping tabs on where each link leads to and fixes broken ones fast. Bloggers find it useful because it gives them ideas on how to make their blogs better linked internally.

They can get more site visits this way.

A Glance at Link Whisper’s Pricing

Explore the different pricing tiers offered by Link Whisper, from single site licenses to options for multiple sites, and consider any available promotions such as a risk-free trial or seasonal discounts.

Risk-free trial offer

You can try Link Whisper without worry. They give you a 30-day risk-free trial. If you are not happy with it, they will give back your money in full. This makes testing the tool easy and worry-free!

Frequently Asked Questions about Link Whisper

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Explore answers to your burning questions about Link Whisper, from its basic functionality and cost, to compatibility with other plugins and impact on site performance. Keep reading to quench your curiosity and gain more insight into this handy SEO tool.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Link Whisper.

Link Whisper saves time when making links. It helps your site rank better on Google. It is worth the cost and easy to use. Give Link Whisper a try today!