Answer The Public Free Alternatives for Content Ideas

Are you tired of running out of fresh ideas for your blog content? It’s worth noting that Answer The Public is a popular tool bloggers use to generate fascinating topics. Fortunately, there are numerous free alternatives to Answer The Public that can still offer high-quality, engaging content ideas.

Dive in with us as we uncover these hidden gems just waiting to spice up your blogging game!

Key Takeaways

  • Exploding Topics spots new trends for blog ideas.
  • Keyword Tool uses Google’s Autocomplete to find good keywords.
  • Semrush lets you see what words people are looking for on the web.
  • Google Trends shows which search terms are popular.
  • Ubersuggest gives data on keyword volume and is free three times a day.
  • Tools like Semrush, Ahrefs Keyword Generator and Moz Keyword Explorer need payment but offer many features.
  • Wordtracker Scout can be used in Chrome for long – tail keywords and content ideas.
  • QuestionDB gets its info from Reddit talks to help create fresh content.

What is AnswerThePublic?

A magnifying glass zooms in on the AnswerThePublic website on a computer screen.

AnswerThePublic is a handy tool. It helps businesses get better at content marketing and SEO. One key thing it does is find what people are really looking for on the internet. It’s like hearing directly from customers about what they want or need.

This tool comes in two forms: free and paid plan. The free version gives raw search insights while the paid plan has extra features. For example, with the paid plan, you can keep watch on new search trends that come up.

What’s even more? AnswerThePublic can also show hidden long-tail keywords and explore keyword ideas. This lets companies see and use their customer’s keyword searches to make their content shine online.

People see this tool as very useful for coming up with ideas for writing content and planning SEO strategies.

Overview and Features of AnswerThePublic Free Alternative

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AnswerThePublic is an innovative tool that many bloggers employ to explore fresh content ideas. Providing a visual representation of the most popular search queries related to a specific topic, it delivers useful insights into what potential readers are curious about.

What sets this tool apart is its ability to extend beyond merely keyword analysis and SEO optimization; it dives deep into people’s questions, prepositions, comparisons and related searches, offering a holistic view of their search behavior.

This free version gives users access to limited daily searches and basic data visualization capabilities. Users can upgrade to the pro version for unlimited searches, additional language/location settings, high-resolution images of data visualizations and priority customer support – features that offer more refined control over the research process.

This makes AnswerThePublic an incredibly valuable tool in every content creator’s toolkit for both social media content creation as well as blog post brainstorming.

Alternatives to AnswerThePublic

Unearth more content generation tools that offer similar, if not better, functionalities than AnswerThePublic, such as Exploding Topics and Keyword Tool. Dive in to find out more about these exciting alternatives!

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a tool you need for your blog. It is a great alternate to AnswerThePublic. It works by spotting up-and-coming trends before they take off. This helps you keep ahead of the crowd with your blog ideas.

You can view trend data over time and get alerts about new trends in your area. It’s easy-to-use and makes finding social media content ideas fun and fast!

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a great swap for AnswerThePublic. You can dig deep into keyword research with this tool. It uses Google’s Autocomplete to find the best keywords. Keyword Tool has two types: Keyword Tool Dominator and

The first one lets you use keyword tools as much as you want at $79. On the other hand, helps find in-depth keywords for your blogs without any cap on usage.


Semrush is a great tool for bloggers. It helps you find the right words to use in your blog posts. You can see what people are looking for on search engines like Google. This makes it easy to come up with new ideas for blog topics.

Semrush also lets you check out what other blogs are doing so you can stay ahead of them. Plus, it has tools that help manage ads and improve your content. With all these features, Semrush stands as one of the top alternatives to AnswerThePublic.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool you can use instead of AnswerThePublic. It gives useful data about what people want to know. You can see which words are most popular at any time. This helps you choose good topics for your blog posts.

With Google Trends, you can find the top search terms in your area or all over the world. It also lets you compare different words to see which one is more popular. This way, bloggers like yourself have a simple way to get ideas for new content.


Ubersuggest is a top-notch tool to get new content ideas. You can use it three times a day for free! It helps you find words that people search on the web. This SEO tool gives you insight into what your readers want to know.

With Ubersuggest, your blog posts will match these interests and rank higher in search results. Moreover, this platform took over AnswerThePublic recently, making it even better! So, if you’re looking for a great way to do keyword research and boost your blog’s reach, give Ubersuggest a try today!

How Do These Alternatives Compare to AnswerThePublic?

Discover how alternative tools stack up against AnswerThePublic in features, user-friendliness, and costs to maximize your content creation efforts. Dive deeper into the analysis for remarkable insights!

Features and capabilities

Each alternative tool has special powers. Keyword Tool can give you a lot of other keyword ideas. Semrush is very good at finding magic keywords. Google Trends shows how popular a keyword is over time.

Ubersuggest gives data on search volume for each keyword. Exploding Topics finds fast-growing topic areas that are getting hot right now! These tools will help bloggers find new ways to talk about topics their readers care about most.

Ease of use

These tools are quite user-friendly. Using them is easy and does not require a steep learning curve. All the platforms have simple designs. This simplicity makes it fast to get what you want.

You can easily find keywords for your blog in a few steps.

The process of using these alternatives to AnswerThePublic is straightforward too. All you need to do is type in your topic or keyword, and the tool provides related searches quickly.

Tools like Ubersuggest and Keyword Tool even offer seamless experiences that make keyword research convenient and efficient for bloggers like you!


Each tool has its own cost. Some tools are free and others need you to pay. AnswerThePublic lets you use it for free or pay for more features. The price of the paid plan is not known.

We also do not know the costs of the other tools yet. They might have both free and paid plans too, like AnswerThePublic does.

Top 5 AnswerThePublic Alternatives to Consider

Unveil your top contenders in content ideation tools, including the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool for robust keyword suggestions. Explore Ahrefs Keyword Generator offering copious amounts of keyword ideas from multiple search engines.

Get familiar with Moz Keyword Explorer‘s comprehensive suite of SEO tools and insights. Dive into Wordtracker Scout’s instant keyword intelligence tool to get a real insight into what words and phrases your audience uses.

Lastly, make use of QuestionDB’s data-driven approach towards generating fresh content ideas to keep your blog alive and buzzing with visitors.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

The Semrush Keyword Magic Tool is a strong tool for bloggers. It helps you find many new words related to your topic. You group these words together with “keyword clustering”. This tool then lets you move those groups to other parts of Semrush.

There, you study them more. You can use this tool to think of new things to write about and do good research on what words are important in SEO content writing. This makes it one of the top five tools that are like AnswerThePublic.

Many people see it as one of the best ways to make content in 2023. But you must pay for this tool; it is not free.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a free tool for you. It helps you find popular keyword ideas for your blog. This tool can also help you with in-depth research on keywords. You can use it to make a huge list of keyword ideas.

This tool is part of Ahrefs’ bigger set of SEO tools. Not only can it give new ideas for blog posts, but it also aids in market study. So, this tool does two jobs – idea creation and studying the market! Indeed, many see it as one of the best tools to use instead of AnswerThePublic.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a strong tool for bloggers. It has over 500 million keywords for you to use. This makes it one of the most complete keyword research tools around. Many people see it as a great switch from AnswerThePublic.

You can find ranking keywords with ease using this tool. This allows you to do full and true keyword study. With such accurate analysis, your blog can reach more readers online.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout is a handy tool you can use in Chrome. This SEO plugin offers help with long-tail keywords and content ideas. It’s a free way to get inside the minds of your readers.

You can see what words people use when they want to buy something. With this targeted keyword research, you will find it easier to reach new customers through organic search optimization.

Try out Wordtracker Scout as your next customer acquisition tool!


QuestionDB is a great tool for idea generation. This tool digs deep into Reddit to find what people are talking about. It provides market research insights which can help you, bloggers, come up with fresh and engaging content ideas.

Among the top 5 alternatives to AnswerThePublic, QuestionDB stands out for its unique way of using public queries for content creation. So if you’re on hunt for new topics that will grip your readers, try out this effective market analysis tool!


Picking the right tool can change your web content for good. Try these top alternatives to AnswerThePublic. Watch as you find better words, new themes, and more user interest. Explore now and see your blog reach new heights!