On The Go Portable Water Softener Review: Convenience and Portability

If  your need is a portable water softener then on the go portable water softener is a good choice. It gives great quality water quality for your RV, boat, spa, hot tub, or small house! Weighing just 18 lbs and measuring 22” H x 6.75” in diameter, this unit is not only portable but also lightweight and easy to move around, accentuated by a carry handle which makes the unit easy to carry.

To find our all the bells and whistle of this portable water softener model read our review further.

On The Go
On the Go Portable Water softener

Features & Benefits – On the Go Portable Water Softener

This portable water softener is suitable for your RV, providing you with all the benefits of softened water even while on the go®. With this unit you can prevent the buildup of scale and prevent stain formation as a result of rust and hard water.

This portable water softener has all the necessary features to provide you with the best water on the go®. Have water with improved taste and odor that does not dry out your skin with this model. With a grain capacity of 8,000 and a production capacity of 320 to 800 gallons this water softener is a good choice.

Features of the On The Go® Portable

  • Capacity. The On The Go® Portable is small but provides a high capacity of softened water for its size. It offers a capacity of 8,000 grains and is able of producing up to 800 gallons of water per regeneration.
  • Salt Based Model. This water softener uses standard table salt unlike other types of water softeners that use special salts. There is no need to purchase expensive salts or to drag large bags of specialty salt from the store and halfway across the country.
  • Quick and Easy Regeneration. The On The Go® uses common table salt and regenerates quickly, easily and at an affordable cost. One box of table salt is all you need and this is easy to input thanks to the large mouth design of the unit. Once the salt is added, the water softener regenerates in less than 15 minutes, a service that will provide you with around 20 days of softened water.

Advantages of the On The Go® Portable

  • Output. Don’t be fooled by the size of this portable unit, as it is still able to provide high flow rates regardless of its size. It allows you to see little to no low pressure drops so you can have an even and adequate water flow.
  • Easy Installation. This unit provides easy installation with its compact size, and can be placed nearly anywhere. Hook up is easy and fast as there is no need for any tools to install it. To set up this water softener you just need a standard hose connection to attach it to a water source and to your boat or RV.
  • Does Not Need Electricity. The On The Go® does not need any sort of fuel to power it. There is no need for electricity, propane etc. As such, this little unit will provide you with the best quality water without the added expense of having to pay for something to power the unit.

Things to be Aware of

Some users have noted that the hose parts included with the water softener are not entirely durable, so that may be something to be aware of.

Bottom Line

The On The Go® Portable comes with a host of accessories that make it an ideal choice. Your purchase provides you with harness test strips, inlet & outlet caps, inlet high-flow shut-off valve, back-flush adapter and other hose adapters and connectors. It is a good choice if you are looking for a portable water softener for your marine and RV expeditions.

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