Best Shower Head Water Softeners: Say Goodbye to Dry, Damaged Hair

Don’t want dry hair, tough skin, or an itchy scalp after a relaxing shower? You’re not alone. Many don’t realize their soothing showers can cause these issues. The solution? Consider top-rated shower head water filters. City water often harbors harsh chemicals that harm your hair and skin. Excess chlorine and chemicals can ruin your shower experience. Traditional water softeners are costly and cumbersome for apartments. Enter the shower head water softener – easy to install, providing instant relief. They’re affordable for all and maintenance is a breeze – just change the filter as indicated. Some may seem bulky, but you can pick a design you like. After installation, enjoy luxurious showers by changing the filter every 3-6 months. Filtering shower heads benefit everyone, leaving you refreshed with soft skin.


Unlike the installation of water softening systems for use in a whole house, water softeners for shower heads are very simple and easy to mount onto the shower valves. A typical gadget for softening hard water in the showers mainly comprise of a small tank for filtration, a shower head and the element utilized to connect the softener to the shower valve. Often, the installation of these devices does not require the intervention of a professional; they can be fixed the DIY way.

This is unlike whole house water softeners that entail intensive installations and integrations of the softeners into the water supply systems. As a result, the complexity of these installations requires the expertise of professionals at a higher price of course.

The Cost and Maintenance

Shower head water softeners typically cost around $100, while shower filters come at lower prices. Replacement cartridges range from $10 to $45, depending on the brand and quality. While you can find water softeners for shower heads in local stores worldwide, they are easily purchasable from online convenience stores.

Just like any other water softening system, these systems require maintenance to function optimally. Unlike other systems that use potassium pellets and salts, shower head water softeners simply need their filters replaced. This means maintenance is minimal, resulting in lower costs. When considering this type of system, it’s essential to factor in the cost and availability of replacement shower head filters. In some cases, filters can only be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

  • These installations are a breeze, taking just a few minutes, so no expertise is required. The installation instructions are straightforward and easy to follow.
  • You’ll be pleased to know that these systems eliminate a whopping 99% of chlorine from your water supply.
  • When you opt for cartridges from top-rated brands, they can filter an impressive 10,000 gallons of water on average. With average usage, you’ll only need to replace them twice a year.
  • Not only does this system remove chlorine, but it also tackles other minerals and chemicals present in your water, leaving you with water as pure as a mountain spring.
  • The softened and filtered water is gentle on your skin, ensuring a soothing and refreshing shower experience.
  • And here’s a bonus – since the water is free from harsh chemicals, it’s also safe for your lungs.
  • You’ll be happy to hear that these systems have minimal impact on your water pressure, ensuring your showers remain invigorating.
  • Lastly, maintenance is a piece of cake and incredibly cost-effective, making it an economical choice for your home.

When purchasing this gadget for your shower, it is important to ensure that the vendor is reputable and known to sell quality products in the market. Look out for reviews online and ensure that the gadget comes with a warranty or some kind of after sales service.

Best 5 Shower Head Water Softener Reviews

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount Showerhead

The Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Head  is a good option for any shower. You can immediately tell it is working by the reduction in chemical smell. Before the filter, I felt like I was showering in a swimming pool but as soon as I had the filter, there was an instant change.

Product Features:

  • Filter showerhead
  • Stationary design
  • Patented filter that reduces 99% of chlorine reducing sulfur odors and scale
  • Anti clog rubber spray nozzles and 10,000 gallon filter capacity
  • Easy to install with no tool required
  • 5 spray settings with massage
  • NSF Certified with a 5 year warranty

The price is very affordable an reasonable because the filter gives you great quality for the money. When it is time for the filter to be changed, the filter is also reasonably priced. The stream is very pleasant and does not affect the shower pressure whatsoever. The design evens adds to the appearance of the shower because of its clean chrome exterior. It looks very expensive and is very high quality. It also has five stream options that give you many options. The standard stream is much more pleasant than many standard and more expensive shower heads.

This chrome finish shower head filter lasts for almost 6 months or it can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water

The Rainshow’r CQ-1000 MS Shower Filter

The Rainshow’r CQ-1000 MS with massaging shower head provides intense luxury relief from harsh chemicals. This shower head provides immediate and satisfactory relief from the smell of chlorine and its affects which is added with your water supplied to you.

The Rainshow’r has the addition of a carbon filter that increases the functionality of the water it filters. The water coming from the filter is crisp and clean making it even tempting to drink as you shower.

One filter generally lasts 3 months which is standard for most filters and the replacements are reasonably priced for the great quality of service you are receiving. This fixture also manufactured in the United States which is also a plus for many individuals. After using this shower head you will likely look and feel younger from the lack of chemicals in your regular cleaning ritual. The stream is calming and gentle without compromising water pressure.

The Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Water Filter

The Aquasauna AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter provides a noticeably cleaner and fresher showering experience. The natural odor city water contains is immediately removed and the water is crisp and clean.

Product Features:

  • Unique dual-stage filtration with up-flow filter design provides superior shower filtration
  • Removes over 90% of chlorine for softer skin and shinier, healthier hair
  • Enhances pH balance for the purest shower possible
  • 2.5 gallons per minute of ultra-filtered high quality water

The pressure is as powerful with as it would be without.

The look is not as sleek as others but for the quality it provides it is worthy.

This filter usually lasts for 6 months and is easy to maintain and change.

Even though it costs more, the water quality exceeds expectations.

Many individuals who have chlorine skin allergies will suggest this filter. This filter is more complex to install but this is due to the higher quality of filtered water it provides therefore making the set-up more extensive. It is very much worth the effort it requires and won’t take longer than 15 minutes to install. You won’t regret making the choice to have a better and cleaner shower.

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System works great with the hardest of water. Like the name, beauty is an important par of selecting the proper water filter because water quality effects hair, nails and skin quality. This filter removes all the chemicals and with ease of installation.

It has a white and clean exterior for any shower. The product gives your hair the ability to be soft again while it removes all the chemicals that cause damage to your hair, nails and skin. The cartridge lasts for three months at a time and is very affordable for the great results it provides to your body. The longer you use the filter, the better the results.

The look is not appealing but it gets the job done and cleans the water. It really changes the way you feel and the quality of our skin.

Culligan ISH-100 Inline Shower Filter

The Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter is your trusty ally in banishing those unwanted chemicals from your shower. It does the job admirably and leaves your shower smelling fresh and clean. While it might not win awards for its sleek appearance, it’s compact and won’t give you a headache during installation. Plus, it’s reasonably priced, offering fantastic quality for your buck. With its chrome and white finish, it’s a subtle addition to your shower routine. The filter lasts for a solid 3 months and changing it is a breeze. After your shower, you’ll step out feeling refreshed and free from chemicals, and your skin will thank you for its newfound softness and smoothness. Don’t break the bank on expensive water softeners when you can easily install this gem and see if it makes a difference in your shower – you won’t know until you give it a try!

Product Features:

  • White inline shower filter (showerhead not included)
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor up to 97%
  • Reduces Sulfur odor
  • Reduces Scale
  • Culligan ISH-100 Shower Filter prevents drying of skin and hair

Shower Head Water Softener – Yes or No

Some of you might live in a place (like an apartment) where you do not have access to install a whole-home water softener. So what about a shower filter? Will that work just as well? There are nice look and effective, affordable shower head water softener to get the job done satisfactorily.Obviously, you’re only removing the minerals from the water at the source, which is the shower. This could be adequate if you have just one shower or just one place where you need to soften the water. Water shower filters can be effective, and they’re better than nothing, although they’re not as good as a water softener. On the plus side, they are relatively easy to install as well, not needing a plumber.

How to Install Shower Head Water Softener – Video

When it comes to buying a shower head water softener, you might wonder about the installation process and if it’s something you can handle on your own. The good news is that it’s a straightforward and do-it-yourself (DIY) task for most types of shower head filters. You won’t even need to enlist the help of others – you can tackle it yourself with ease. Simply follow the instructions provided in the manual that comes with the product, and you’ll be up and running in no time. To make it even simpler, here’s a handy installation video for one of the best-rated and widely used shower heads from Culligan, the Culligan WSH-C125. This video offers step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. Check it out, and soon you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your newly installed shower head water softener. Happy DIY-ing!

Bottom Line

Using hard water which is full of chlorine and magnesium will make your skin dry and you will feel uncomfortable after bath. Either you can choose any of the shower head water softeners we have reviewed here or you can go for whole house water softeners which will be of higher grain capacity. The shower head filters are suitable for person who are staying at an apartment where installing a usual water softener is hard to do. You can take the benefits of choosing the best shower head water softener from the comparison table we have provided on the top of this article. We have reviewed here the best rated shower head filters available in the market with discount link to buy.