Aquasana Water Softener Review

The Aquasana water softener (SimplySoft) combination pro install kit features a water filter and water softener. The water filter component included in this kit is the Aquasana Premium Rhino and the water softener included is the SimplySoft salt-free water softener. This kit provides you with top quality professional grade equipment for your home or business place.

The SimplySoft gets rid of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, silt, rust, sediment, industrial solvents and water soluble metals – taking care of any pollutant that can get into your water system.

This professional combination kit has all the features you need to get clean, healthy and soft water flowing through your pipes. This system has the features that will get rid of up to 97% of the chlorine from your regular tap water. The SimplySoft comes with bypass valves, brass fittings, bend supports of all grade A quality. The system does not require electricity run and no back flushing required.

Features of the Aquasana Water Softener

  • Salt Free. The Aquasana water softener that is a part of this kit requires no salt. It has been, however, proven to be just as effective as your salt based systems with the ability to reduce scale by 99.6%.
  • NAC Technology. This technology allows you to soften your water without demineralizing it. This means that there is no negative impact to the environment as there is no sodium being pumped into your communal water supply. It works by crystallization of the unwanted minerals so they don’t bind and form scale buildup.
  • High Efficiency. This premium kit provides the best in water softening and water filtration, as it greatly reduces all harmful contaminants in water. Contaminants that the system will remove include chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, sediment, rust, silt and water soluble metals.

Advantages of the Aquasana Water Softener (SimplySoft)

  • High Capacity. The SimplySoft can get rid of up to 97% of chlorine and can reduce scale by up to 99.6%. The filter is good for up to 10 years or one million gallons of water making it suitable for businesses or large residences.
  • Included Installation Kit. Everything you need to have this system installed is included with your purchase. The installation items included  are of  modern industry standard high quality . They include bend supports, brass fittings, shut off valves, slip unions, brass tee fittings and bypass valves.
  • Easy to Maintain. The SimplySoft does not require salt, electricity, or back flushing. The system basically takes care of itself once properly installed.

Things to be Aware of

Buyer of the system should note that the pre-filter has to be changed every one to two months or it will get plugged, which will result in a reduced water flow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

You might have some before-buy questions to make your final buying decision. Here are  FAQs with Answers which might help you.

Q.How often the cartridge need to changed?

Ans: The white fiber filter to be changed monthly basis. The big blue cartridge is changed based on usage. When your water meter shows usage of 1,000,000 gals, you need to change it.

Q: How to get clean water without any black or grey mix after installation?

Ans: You need to flush the system first time for around 15 minutes to get clear water.

Q: Does Aquasana SimplySoft remove fluoride?

Yes. The Aquasana removes over 95% of fluoride from water. It is NSF certified.

Q. Is it suitable for well water?

Ans. Yes, you can make it more suitable for your well water by adding a PH balancing system if your well water is highly acidic.

Q.Is this salt-free water softener suitable to be used with galvanized plumbing?

Ans: Yes, Galvanized plumbing does not create any issue with it.

Bottom Line

The Aquasana SimplySoft water softener is a great choice for homes and businesses alike. It takes care of all your usual water contaminants and does this at a professional level. It is however easy to install and easy to maintain by the end user and all round a great purchase if you need a whole home water filter and water softener together.

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