602abcWater 16k Review

The Clack 602abcWater 16k portable water softener is a powerful water softening appliance that stands 18 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter. It provides a high capacity of 16,000 grain and is portable with a custom metal carry handle. This appliance is suitable for use in RV’s, Motorhomes, Motorcycles and Boats.

It can also be used for pressure washing and carpet cleaning if you want soft water to do just those tasks. The portable water softener also features a soft water test kit for those who want to take it on the road. This appliance can be had in three different colors; Almond, Blue and Black.

The 602abc Water 16K by Clack water softener is completely portable for all your on the go water softening needs. The system regenerates in just a couple minutes but has a high capacity of 16,000 grains regardless.

Features of the 602abcWATER 16k

  • Completely Portable. This unit is 10 inches in diameter and 18 inches tall. It comes with a custom handle that makes it extremely easy to carry. The handle is made from a powder coated metal handle making it very strong and comfortable.
  • Regeneration. This unit regenerates quickly and with only one box of common table salt. Water softener salt can be used with this unit as well. The unit is manually regenerated.
  • Components. The Calk 602abcWater water softener comes with a number of components, such as a soft water test kit and brass screw in hose adapters. You are guaranteed the best components as each package is hand assembled to ensure quality.

Advantages of the 602abcWater 16K

  • Quick & Simple Regeneration. A part of being portable is meaning that the appliance must adapt to the changes of life on the go. And this it does thanks to its quick and simple regeneration. The appliance can be regenerated in just a couple minutes with common table salt or with specialty water softening salt.
  • High Capacity. This water softener is small but very capable. It provides a capacity of 16,000 grain supplying around 2000 gallons of water per regeneration at an 8GPG rate of water softening. ‘

Things to be Aware of

The unit is not entirely pre-charged, so you will want to charge it prior to using it for the first time.

Bottom Line

The 602abcWater by Calk is a sturdy portable water softener that can take care of all your needs on the go. It is also suitable for single occasional uses such as car washing and carpet cleaning. It packs a punch with a 16,000 grain capacity but is easy to maintain requiring just table salt and a couple minutes to regenerate. Ensure you charge the portable water softener before use for the best results.

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