How to Get an Hourglass Body: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Your Desired Shape

Many people want a body shape that looks like an hourglass, with a smaller waist and curvy hips. But getting the perfect hourglass might not be healthy or even possible for everyone.

Famous stars often make us think they have this shape by wearing special clothes that pull them in, using camera tricks, or sometimes getting help from doctors. Still, we can work on shaping our bodies through exercise and good food choices.

Exercises like yoga, lifting weights fast (HIIT), sitting down and standing up with weight (squats), kicking your leg out to the side while on hands and knees (fire hydrants), big steps forward or back (lunges), pushing against a wall, and pressing up from the ground can all help build a body that has more curves.

Eating well is just as important as exercising. It’s best to eat whole foods in the right amounts rather than processed snacks or drinks full of sugar.

Your way of life plays a big part too. Wearing things like Spanx can quickly make it seem like you have an hourglass figure but staying active is better for you over time. You can also pick clothes that show off your middle part to look more curved.

A personal trainer named Dean Theriot helped write about how we should care more about being strong and fit instead of trying to look exactly like someone else’s idea of perfect. His ideas got a lot of thumbs up from readers! Let’s find out how you can work towards having an hourglass shape with health in mind!

Understanding the Hourglass Figure

A woman showcases various outfits and poses in urban settings.

An hourglass figure means you have a smaller waist with bigger hips and bust. Think about old-time movie stars or famous people today. Some look like they have this body shape, but not everyone’s the same.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s okay!

Having an hourglass figure is seen as attractive by some folks. It can be hard to get this shape because it involves how your body grows muscle and burns fat. Even if exercise changes how you look, your bone structure plays a big part too.

So remember, working towards any fitness goal should make you feel good and healthy first!

Is it Possible to Obtain an Hourglass Figure?

A fitness waist trainer with workout equipment in a gym setting.

Knowing what an hourglass figure looks like helps us understand the goal. But can someone actually get this shape? Yes, many people can work towards an hourglass figure. It’s not just about being born with it; exercise and lifestyle changes play a big part.

Genetics do matter, as they decide where your body stores fat and how your muscles are built. Everyone’s body is unique, so the same workouts won’t make everyone look exactly alike.

However, with strength training and cardio workout, you can tone up and shape parts of your body. Add in a healthy diet that supports muscle growth while losing weight, and you might see a curvier waist or broader shoulders.

Remember to set realistic goals because not all bodies can become hourglass-shaped due to their natural structure.

Steps to Achieve an Hourglass Figure

A woman doing a waist-cinching workout in a bustling gym.

Attaining an hourglass figure involves targeted effort and consistency, focusing on strengthening and sculpting specific body areas to enhance natural curves; discover practical strategies for shaping your physique further in the following sections.

Defining Your Shoulders

Strong shoulders give your body that hourglass look. They can make your waist seem smaller too. Pushups are a good choice for working on shoulders. You don’t need heavy weights to get nice shoulder muscles.

Just use your own body weight.

Adding resistance training helps build and shape the shoulders, making them stand out more. A balanced diet is important as well when shaping up your upper body. Remember to eat foods that fuel muscle growth while doing these exercises.

Tightening Your Core

Your core is key for a slim waist and hourglass shape. Workouts that strengthen your stomach muscles are good. Planks, sit-ups, and bicycle crunches help make your middle strong. These moves target the belly fat.

Doing these exercises often can change how your middle looks and feels. Keep going even if it gets tough; this helps get that hourglass figure. Next up, let’s talk about making your backside better!

Boosting Your Backside

After working on your core, it’s time to focus on your backside. A strong and shaped behind is key for that hourglass look. To boost your backside, squats are one of the best exercises you can do.

They work big muscle groups in your lower body like glutes, hips, and thighs. Deadlifts and lunges also help a lot.

Using weights when you exercise makes these moves even better for building muscle. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy as long as you keep good form! Your workouts should have different kinds of these exercises.

Doing this will make sure all parts of your muscles get stronger. Remember, adding muscle there will help burn more calories too!

Recommended Exercises for an Hourglass Shape

A woman doing various exercises in a well-lit gym.

Achieving an hourglass figure involves targeted exercise routines that sculpt and define the body’s natural curves. These exercises focus on building strength and adding definition in key areas, such as the shoulders, waist, and glutes, to create a balanced and proportionate physique.


Yoga helps you get a slim hourglass body. It targets your waist and can burn fat in that area. Many yoga poses work on tightening your core. They make your muscles strong and lessen stomach fat.

Doing yoga often is good for making a curvy shape.

The next exercise to think about are planks. Planks make your whole body strong which is great for an hourglass figure.


This super workout for your waist helps you burn the fat around your belly and make your core strong. To do a plank, lie down on your stomach. Put your elbows under your shoulders and push up onto your toes.

Keep your body straight like a board and hold it there as long as you can.

This exercise is quite tough but very good for getting an hourglass figure. You might shake or feel like giving up, but try to keep going! Every day you do planks, you get stronger and closer to having that slim waist everyone wants.

Remember to breathe and keep pushing yourself!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a great workout for shaping your body. It mixes short bursts of very active exercise with rest periods. You might sprint hard for 30 seconds and then walk for a minute.

This type of training helps you burn fat and build muscle fast.

A HIIT session can be done in less time than other workouts but still gives strong results. For an hourglass figure, it fires up your metabolism and helps tone your waist and hips.

Since it’s so powerful at burning calories, you’ll see changes quicker when adding HIIT to your routine. Remember to stay safe and work at a level that’s good for you.


Moving from the fast pace of High-Intensity Interval Training, squats come in as a powerful exercise to shape your lower body. They work your hip muscles, thighs, and glutes. To get closer to that hourglass figure, try doing several sets of squats—each set with 10 to 12 reps is a good start.

Squats are not just about bending your knees; they’re about keeping your back straight and lowering yourself as if sitting back into a chair. Push through your heels as you stand up for maximum effect.

Squats do more than just target the legs; they also promote core strength since you have to keep stable while moving up and down. This movement helps tighten and tone everything from feet to waist, supporting the narrow waist wide hips look associated with hourglass figures.

Don’t rush through them—keep a steady pace so each muscle group can fully engage and benefit from every squat you do.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are great for shaping your lower body, especially if you want that hourglass figure. You get down on all fours and lift one leg out to the side like a dog does at a fire hydrant.

This move targets your glutes and hips, two key spots for making an hourglass shape. Add some resistance bands or weights if you’re ready for more of a challenge.

Doing these exercises can make those muscles stronger and give them a better look. Many people who love fitness and personal trainers use fire hydrants because they work so well for the lower body.

Next up, let’s talk about lunges!


Lunges are a powerful exercise to help shape your body into that hourglass figure. They work on toning your hips and building strength in your legs, making them essential for anyone looking to get curves in the right places.

You step forward with one leg, bend both knees, and then push back up. It’s important to keep your back straight and not let your knees go over your toes while doing this move.

You can try different types of lunges too. Side lunges and walking lunges add variety and challenge different muscles in your lower body. This helps you build a balanced and strong foundation for that coveted hourglass physique.

Make sure to include lunges in your workout routine regularly if you aim for toned hips as part of achieving an hourglass form.

Wall Presses

After lunges, wall presses are another great exercise to help with your hourglass body workout. This move targets the fat around your waist and helps tone your upper body. To do a wall press, stand facing a wall.

Place your palms flat against it at shoulder height. Keep your feet solid on the ground about hip-width apart. Then lean in towards the wall until your nose almost touches it, and push back to the start position.

You should feel this action in your arms and shoulders as you work to keep posture right. Wall presses can be part of daily workouts for an hourglass body because they’re easy to do anywhere you find a clear wall space! Aim for several sets of repetitions each time to really make those muscles work hard for that desired shape.


Pushups are great for shaping your upper body, helping to make your shoulders look strong. They also work your core at the same time, which is key for getting that hourglass figure.

You don’t need any special gear – just a bit of floor space.

Start by lying face down with hands placed shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet together and push yourself up until arms are straight but not locked. Lower back down and repeat. This exercise tones muscles and can give you a fit look all around.

Next, let’s explore how diet plays a role in achieving the hourglass shape you’re after!

Role of Diet in Achieving an Hourglass Figure

To get an hourglass figure, eating right is key. You must pick foods that help you stay strong and lose extra fat. Whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean proteins are good choices.

They give your body the fuel it needs without too much sugar or bad fats.

Stay away from junk food and sweet drinks. These can add belly fat and ruin your shape. Drinking lots of water helps too. It keeps you full so you don’t eat too much. Plus, it’s great for your skin and muscles.

Eating probiotics can make your tummy happy and work better. This means a tighter waist to help show off that hourglass look! Eating less sometimes helps as well; not starving but just enough to slowly lose unwanted weight while keeping muscle.

You should also eat often but not too much at once – small meals keep energy up without making you gain weight around the middle part of your body.

Lifestyle Factors Contributing to Body Shape

Many things you do every day can shape your body. Getting enough sleep is key for a healthy body. When you don’t rest well, your body may hold on to fat, especially around your belly.

Stress also plays a big role. High stress can lead to weight gain because it makes your body produce more cortisol, a hormone that can make you hungry and store fat.

Healthy habits are important too. Sitting less and moving more helps keep your waist small. Try not to sit for long times; stand up often or go for short walks. Drink plenty of water instead of sugary drinks or juices—it keeps you full and helps stop cravings for sweets.

Small changes in how you live each day add up and can help give you the hourglass shape you want.

Now let’s dive into what we might wrap our bodies with: underwear and its impact on shaping the hourglass figure awaits in the next section!


Getting the hourglass body you wish for takes hard work and smart choices. Doing exercises like yoga, planks, and squats can really shape your body. Always choose foods that are good for you and fit right into a healthy diet.

Remember to wear clothes that show off your curves too. Stay strong, keep going, and believe in yourself every step of the way! Your effort can change how you look and feel about yourself.