Top 10 EZ Curl Bar Exercises

If you want to make your arms stronger and bigger, using an EZ curl bar is a smart move. An EZ curl bar is like a regular barbell but with curves that help you grip it better. This special shape means more work for your muscles, especially in your upper arms.

The good thing about this bar is that it has different places where you can put your hands, which makes it easier on your joints.

People who lift weights found out that when they use an EZ curl bar instead of a straight one, their arm muscles do more work. Simple curls with this type of bar are great for making important arm muscles stronger and more noticeable.

And if you do exercises like skull crushers, also known as lying tricep extensions, you can target the three parts of the muscle on the back of your upper arm.

The cool part about the EZ curl bar is that even kids or people just starting to lift weights can use it because it’s not too heavy. It’s also friendly to wrists and lets people try many kinds of workouts that build strength all over their arms.

There are other moves like upright rows and push presses that make other parts of your upper body strong alongside your arms using an EZ curl bar. Now get ready to learn about some awesome exercises!

Understanding the EZ Curl Bar

A gym bench with an EZ curl bar and workout equipment.

Moving from the basics, let’s delve into the EZ curl bar. This special bar is a game-changer for your workouts. It has curves that make it easier to hold. These curves help you place your hands in a natural position.

This reduces stress on your wrists and elbows. With an EZ curl bar, you can target specific muscles in your arms like the brachialis and brachioradialis more effectively.

The different grips offered by an EZ curl bar shake up how you work out. You can do curls with palms facing up or down to hit different parts of your muscles. Switching grips helps build strength all around and increases muscle size too.

With its smart design, this tool adds variety to arm routines and keeps exercises fresh and challenging.

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Benefits of Using an EZ Curl Bar

Various EZ curl bars arranged on a gym rack surrounded by workout equipment.

An EZ curl bar gives you a strong grip and helps you balance. This means your muscles work harder during exercises like bicep curls or tricep extensions. The shape of the bar keeps your wrists comfortable, which is good if regular bars hurt them.

Plus, because there are different ways to hold it, you can do lots of different workouts.

This bar also targets important arm muscles – not just your biceps but also your triceps and shoulders. Research shows that using an EZ curl bar lights up these muscles more than other equipment might do.

So, with one tool, you get a great workout for all those areas, which can lead to bigger and stronger arms faster.

How to Handle an EZ Curl Bar

A clutter-free gym with an EZ curl bar on a weight rack.

Handling an EZ curl bar correctly can make your workouts more effective. Here’s how to get a good grip and use the bar safely.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder – width apart, to keep your balance.
  • Pick up the EZ curl bar using both hands and hold it at the first curve for a medium grip.
  • Keep your wrists straight, this helps avoid injury and puts less stress on them.
  • Lift the bar smoothly, do not jerk or swing it. This helps target the right muscles.
  • Lower the bar slowly after lifting it, to work your muscles even more.
  • Make sure your elbows stay close to your side, so you work out your arms best.
  • Look in a mirror while you lift and lower the bar. It helps you see if you’re moving right.
  • Adjust your grip wider or closer on the next set to work different arm muscles.
  • Use an overhand grip for some exercises like upright rows to change which muscles you work out.
  • Try an underhand grip for moves like bicep curls to help build bigger biceps.
  • Don’t add too much weight at first; start light then lift heavier as you get stronger.
  • Breathe out as you lift and breathe in when lowering the bar, this keeps oxygen flowing.

Top EZ Curl Bar Exercises for Arm Strength

Neatly arranged set of EZ curl bars on weightlifting bench in gym.

5. Top EZ Curl Bar Exercises for Arm Strength: Dive into the world of targeted arm fortification with these pinnacle EZ curl bar exercises that promise to enhance both strength and bulk in your biceps and triceps.

Unleash potential growth by mastering movements designed specifically for muscular development and unbeatable arm power.

Standard Bicep Curl

Grab your EZ curl bar for the standard bicep curl to build arm strength. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hold the bar with an underhand grip, and keep your elbows close to your body.

Now lift the weight towards your shoulders by bending at the elbows. Slowly lower it back down after a short pause.

Doing these curls works out your biceps brachii really well, which is why this exercise helps make arms bigger and stronger. Use a good amount of weight but not so much that you can’t do the move right or keep control of the bar.

Try to do a few sets where you lift and lower 8-12 times in each set.

Lying Tricep Extension

After working on bicep curls, it’s time to focus on the back of your arms with lying tricep extensions. This powerful move targets all three heads of the triceps muscle. Lie on a bench and hold an E-Z bar with a close overhand grip above you.

Keep your elbows still as you lower the bar towards your forehead, then push it up until your arms are almost straight but not locked out.

Doing this exercise helps make your triceps bigger and stronger. It can fix uneven muscles too. Add lying tricep extensions to your workout if you want better arm strength and size.

People at all fitness levels can try this move to build up their upper arms.

Preacher Curl

Moving from tricep extensions, let’s focus on the biceps with preacher curls. This exercise is great for targeting your arm muscles, especially the brachioradialis. To do a preacher curl, you need an EZ curl bar and a preacher bench.

First, sit at the bench with your arms resting on the pad. Make sure the pad is below your armpits to give good support. Hold the EZ curl bar with both hands facing up. Take a deep breath and lift the bar towards your shoulders by bending your elbows.

As you lift, keep your upper arms still against the pad. Only move your forearms during this exercise! Lowering back down slowly helps work on muscle strength too. Do several lifts or “reps” to build big and strong biceps muscles! Remember to breathe out when you are lifting up and breathe in as you bring it down again for best results.

Close Grip Curl

Grab your EZ curl bar for the close grip curl to pump up your arm muscles. Hold the bar with hands close together to focus on your inner biceps. This makes the muscle pop and grow stronger.

Use an underhand grip to lift the bar up, keep your elbows still, and squeeze those biceps at the top.

Try this workout if you want bigger arms without hurting your joints. The closer grip lets you balance better and hold on tight to the EZ curl bar. Add this exercise to what you do now, and watch your arms get more powerful!

Close Grip Bench Press

Moving from the Close Grip Curl, let’s focus on another powerful exercise with the EZ curl bar: the Close Grip Bench Press. This workout targets your triceps and chest to build size and strength.

Lie flat on a bench and hold the EZ curl bar above your chest with hands close together. Lower it down slowly to your mid-chest, then push up powerfully until your arms are straight.

Make sure you keep your elbows tucked in close to your body during this move.

The Close Grip Bench Press is perfect for focusing on the triceps brachii muscle and can also engage your pecs for a fuller upper-body workout. You will feel this exercise helping not just in arm strength but also giving you stronger lifts overall thanks to the improved muscle balance it provides.

Use controlled movements and aim for consistent repetitions to get the most out of this effective press variation with an EZ curl bar.

Additional EZ Curl Bar Workouts for Overall Strength

6. Additional EZ Curl Bar Workouts for Overall Strength:.

Diversify your routine and enhance your fitness regimen with a collection of EZ curl bar exercises aimed at boosting overall strength. These strategic movements target multiple muscle groups, facilitating comprehensive development and functional prowess beyond just arm aesthetics.

Upright Row

Upright rows with an EZ curl bar help make your shoulders and upper back strong. You stand up, hold the bar in front of you, and lift it straight up to your chin. Your hands can be close together or a bit apart on the wavy parts of the bar to change how the exercise works for you.

This move gets your deltoids, trapezius, and rhomboids all firing which means more muscle growth.

Doing upright rows right helps keep everything balanced and may fix muscles that aren’t as strong. Use this exercise to get bigger arms and a solid upper body. Next, let’s look at another powerful workout – push press!

Push Press

Moving from the upright row to another powerful exercise, let’s talk about the push press. This move is a dynamite way to work many muscles at once. You’ll feel your upper chest, biceps, lats, deltoids, and triceps all getting in on the action.

To do a push press with an EZ curl bar, you start by holding the bar at shoulder level. Then bend your knees just a bit and push up with your legs as you extend your arms above your head.

It helps to think of it like giving the bar a little boost with your whole body before locking out those arms.

The beauty of this lift lies not only in its muscle-building power but also in how it teaches you balance and coordination. Every rep forces you to brace your core and find that sweet spot where strength meets stability.

This makes sure that other important muscles get their fair share of attention too! Keep each movement tight and controlled for maximum gain without risking injury or straining other parts of the body.

Lying Pull Over

Lying pull overs with an EZ curl bar work your chest and triceps in a powerful way. You lie on a bench and lift the bar from over your head down to your hips. This move feels more comfortable because of the curved shape of the EZ curl bar.

It helps you keep good form without hurting your wrists. Your chest and triceps get stronger as they push and pull during this exercise.

This workout fits well into routines for building arm strength and making muscles bigger. Keep elbows straight but not locked, to make sure you’re working the right parts of your arms and chest.

Now, let’s learn about another great exercise: Incline Front Raise.

Incline Front Raise

Moving from working the back with the lying pull over, we will focus on the shoulders with the incline front raise. This exercise is great for building strength and size in your deltoids, which are key shoulder muscles.

To do this move, sit on an incline bench holding an EZ curl bar. Keep your back straight and lift the bar up in front of you to shoulder level. Then lower it down slowly.

The incline front raise works well for targeting your anterior deltoids – these are at the front of your shoulders. Doing this exercise can also hit parts of your lats and traps, helping make those areas stronger too.

It’s a good choice if you want bigger and stronger shoulders that stand out!

Reverse Grip Curl

After lifting your arms with the incline front raise, it’s time to focus on your forearms and the brachioradialis muscle. The reverse grip curl is a powerful move for this. To do this exercise, hold an EZ curl bar with your palms facing down.

Stand straight and let the bar hang at arm’s length in front of you. Curl the bar up by bending your elbows, keeping them close to your body. Lift until the bar is about chest level, then lower it back down slowly.

This exercise is great for building stronger arms and bigger muscles in your forearms too. Your biceps also work hard during this lift. Regularly adding reverse grip curls to your workouts will help create balance between different arm muscles and give you better overall strength.

Comparing Curl Bar Vs Standard Bar Vs Olympic Bar

Selecting the right type of bar for your workout regimen is crucial for maximizing muscle growth and ensuring joint health. The EZ curl bar, standard bar, and Olympic bar each offer distinct features and benefits. Here’s a straightforward comparison to guide your choice:

FeatureEZ Curl BarStandard BarOlympic Bar
ShapeWavy, ergonomic gripStraightStraight with rotating sleeves
WeightLighter, around 10-30 poundsVaries, typically around 15-25 poundsHeavier, standardized at 45 pounds
LengthShorter, around 47 inchesVaries, usually 5-6 feetStandardized at 7 feet
Grip WidthMultiple, due to curvesFixed, limited by bar widthWide range, due to length
Use CaseTargeting arm muscles, reducing wrist strainGeneral strength trainingHeavy lifting, professional training
Muscle ActivationIncreases bicep and forearm involvementUniversal, depending on exerciseDesigned for full-body workouts
Joint ImpactLess strain on wrists and elbowsCan cause strain if not used properlyRequires proper form to avoid injury
Bar GripErgonomic, easy on the jointsStandard knurling gripProfessional knurling with bearings
Price RangeMore affordableGenerally inexpensiveMore expensive, professional-grade

Remember, your choice depends on your strength level, fitness goals, and any pre-existing joint conditions. Select the bar that aligns best with your needs to optimize your training outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions about EZ Curl Bar

8. Frequently Asked Questions about EZ Curl Bar:.

Curiosity around the use of an EZ curl bar is common, sparking a range of frequently asked questions. From its effectiveness in building muscle to comparisons with other bars, these FAQs aim to clear up any confusion and provide targeted advice for optimum arm development.

Is the curl bar or straight bar better?

Choosing between a curl bar or a straight bar depends on your goals and the health of your wrists. The EZ curl bar, with its unique shape, is kinder to your wrists because it keeps them in a more natural position.

This means you can lift weights without hurting your wrist joint. A study even showed that using an EZ curl bar makes your biceps brachii and brachioradialis muscles work harder than when you use a straight bar.

So if you want to focus on building those arm muscles while keeping safe, the curl bar might be a better choice for you.

People often like the straight bar for bigger lifts and total body moves. But if it’s about targeting specific arm muscles and avoiding pain in your wrists, then go for the EZ curl bar.

It helps keep things comfortable while still pushing those muscles hard during exercises like bicep curls or skull crushers. Remember, both bars are good tools; just pick one that fits what you need for your workout!

Is the curl bar effective?

Yes, the curl bar is effective for building arm strength and size. The EZ curl bar’s design lets you grip it easily, which can help you lift weights better and with more balance. This grip means your arm muscles work harder during exercises like curls and extensions.

Studies show that using an EZ curl bar leads to more muscle action in your biceps brachii and brachioradialis than when you use a straight bar. That means the EZ curl bar can make your workouts better for growing muscles.

Using this type of bar also helps protect your wrists from strain because of its angles. You can do many exercises with it to target different parts of your arms, like bicep curls or tricep extensions, making it a versatile tool in strength training.

Now let’s look at some other great workouts you can do with an EZ curl bar to get even stronger all over.

What muscles does a curl bar build?

A curl bar works many muscles in your arms and upper body. When you use an EZ curl bar, you really target your biceps brachii but also hit the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles.

These are key for bending your elbow and rotating your forearm. Using a curl bar can help make these muscles bigger and stronger.

The curl bar isn’t just for bicep curls either; it brings in other arm muscles like the triceps on the back of your upper arms when you do extensions. It even supports deltoid workouts when doing upright rows or front raises.

You’ll feel it in your back too – using this bar makes sure to engage those important muscle groups like latissimus dorsi during certain exercises.


You learned about the EZ curl bar today. This bar helps your arms get stronger and bigger. Exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions work well with it. Remember, these moves are not hard to do and they help a lot.

Why not give these lifts a try in your next workout? Doing them could make your muscles grow bigger and get you stronger quick. Get ready to see how strong and big your arms can become!


1. What makes the EZ curl bar good for arm exercises?

The EZ curl bar is shaped to reduce stress on your wrist and elbow joints. This shape helps you target your biceps and triceps better during curls and extensions.

2. Can I build bigger arms with just an EZ curl bar?

Yes, doing bicep curls, hammer curls, and tricep extensions with an EZ curl bar can increase arm strength and size when combined with proper repititions.

3. Is the EZ curl bar only for bicep workouts?

No, you can work more than your biceps! Use it for reverse curls to hit your forearms or tricep extensions for the back of your arms.

4. How do I use the EZ curl bar safely?

Keep a tight grip on the bar, stand up straight, move only at the elbows, and avoid letting them drop down during exercises like curls and skull crushers.

5. Why should my workouts include both compound exercises like deadlifts as well as isolated ones like concentration curls?

Compound movements train many muscles at once which builds overall strength while isolation exercises focus on one muscle group to help it grow larger.

6. Are there alternatives if I don’t have access to standard or Olympic weightlifting bars?

Absolutely! You can use dumbbells to perform similar moves such as dumbbell curls or even push-ups that also work out your arms without needing a special kind of weightlifting equipment.