10 Best Brooks Running Shoes for Men and Women

Running shoes matter a lot when you want to stay fit by running. Brooks is a brand that makes many kinds of running shoes for men and women. They have shoes with different feels like soft or bouncy, support types like guide rails, and heel drops for how the shoe leans.

Some are best for trails, others for streets. In this guide, we talk about the 10 best Brooks running shoes.

Brooks classifies their road shoes into three groups: “Cushion,” “Energize,” and “Speed.” Each group uses special foams called DNA, DNA LOFT, DNA FLASH, and DNA AMP to make your run feel great.

Their GuideRails technology helps people who roll their feet too much while they run but won’t bother those who don’t need it.

Some runners like shoes that tilt more from heel-to-toe than others do. For example, Ghost has a drop of 12mm while Hyperion Max has 8mm. Whether you’re looking for something soft like the Glycerin 20 for women or something supportive like the Adrenaline GTS 23 for men which have full-length DNA Loft foam plus GuideRails – there’s a pair on this list.

If saving money matters to you when buying running shoes, check out Revel 5 because they cost $100 and still give good bounce in each step with its foam called DNA AMP. Runners with overpronation can look at Addiction GTS 15 as it has GuideRails built-in at $140 per pair.

Trail lovers should see Cascadia 16 that protects your feet from sharp rocks and breathes well so your feet don’t get hot; it weighs just right at 10.5 ounces for trails! Everyday runners might pick Launch 9 which is meant to be fast but also works daily; its midsole bends easily so each step flows smooth.

Get ready to find your perfect Brooks match that fits all your needs!

Criteria for Choosing the Best Brooks Running Shoes

A runner trying on Brooks shoes at a specialty running store.

Selecting the ideal Brooks running shoes requires a thoughtful analysis of your unique gait, foot shape, and running goals. Understanding the interplay between support features, comfort elements, and design intentions will empower you to make an informed choice tailored to enhance your running experience.


Cushioning in Brooks running shoes is all about giving your feet a soft place to land. With four different types of foam, DNA, DNA LOFT, DNA FLASH, and DNA AMP, each one offers a unique feel.

The right kind of cushioning can help your feet stay comfy and can even make you feel like you’re bouncing along the road or trail. It’s like having a mini trampoline under your soles! This means less stress on your legs as they hit the ground during runs.

Brooks has worked hard to match these foams with how you run. Whether you need something squishy for long jogs or something springy for fast sprints, there’s a Brooks shoe out there for you.

For example, the Glycerin uses plush DNA LOFT foam for supreme softness while the Hyperion Tempo’s lighter-weight DNA FLASH gives that quick energy return sprinters love. If keeping your knees and feet happy is what you want from running shoes, look into this key feature—Brooks might just have what you need.


Stability in Brooks running shoes is key for safe and comfy runs. Shoes with good stability help keep your feet straight when they hit the ground. This is great for people whose feet roll in too much, also known as overpronation.

Brooks uses GuideRails technology to give both overpronators and neutral runners the right support. It’s like having bumpers in bowling; they guide your feet along, but you won’t notice them unless you need them.

Shoes with proper stability can prevent injuries and make runs feel better. They offer support around the heel area and often have a strong midsole that stops your foot from rolling too far inside.

The heel-to-toe drop matters too – it affects how stable your ankle feels and how well your shoe supports your arches during long walks or runs. Choosing a shoe with the right amount of stability means less stress on joints, so you can enjoy running without worry.


After talking about stability, let’s focus on the drop of a shoe. The drop is the height difference between the heel and toe. Brooks running shoes have drops that usually range from 8 to 12 millimeters.

A bigger number means your heel is higher off the ground compared to your toes. This can change how stable you feel and how smoothly you move when running.

Picking the right drop depends on your own feet and running style. If you need more support for a steady run, go with a higher drop like 12 millimeters. But if you want to feel faster and more connected to the road or trail, try a lower one around 8 millimeters.

Just know that every runner has their own best fit!


Brooks running shoes come in many styles for different uses. Some are made to help you run faster on workout days, and others are best for long runs or rough trails. The shoe’s design matters a lot for what kind of running you plan to do.

A trail runner needs tough tread so they can grip dirt and rocks, while someone who runs on streets wants a shoe that feels light and fast.

Good shoes fit the reason you run. If you’re new to running, pick a shoe that makes your feet feel good after each run. Brooks has options for all kinds of runners, from those just starting out to seasoned marathoners wanting extra speed or support.

They make sure your feet have the right cushioning and stability no matter where your runs take you.

Top 10 Brooks Running Shoes

Top 3 Brooks running shoes displayed on track, sports photography.

Brooks makes quality running shoes for everyone. They focus on comfort, stability, and style.

  1. Ghost 14: This shoe is great for everyday runs. It has a soft cushion and fits most feet well.
  2. Adrenaline GTS 22: It’s perfect if you need extra support. The GuideRails keep your steps steady.
  3. Glycerin 20: Enjoy maximum cushioning with these shoes. They’re like walking on clouds.
  4. Revel 5: These are budget-friendly and stylish. Good for short runs or all-day wear.
  5. Addiction GTS 15: If you overpronate, this shoe helps control your step. It’s durable too.
  6. Ariel ’20: These are specially made running shoes for plantar fasciitis relief. Extra support is found in the arch and heel area.
  7. Levitate 6: Feel the energy return with every step thanks to DNA AMP in the sole.
  8. Cascadia 16: Hit the trails with these rugged shoes built to handle rocks and mud.
  9. Dyad 11: Wide feet? No problem! The roomy toe box gives you comfortable space.
  10. Hyperion Max Running Shoes: They’re super lightweight for fast training or race day.

Best Overall for Women: Brooks Glycerin 20

'A woman running along a scenic trail surrounded by lush greenery.'

The Brooks Glycerin 20 emerges as the champion for women runners, offering a plush ride that cradles your stride in comfort. Its thoughtful engineering harmonizes luxurious cushioning with responsive performance, making it a standout choice for athletes who demand both support and softness underfoot.

Features & Description (Brooks Glycerin 20)

Brooks Glycerin 20 shoes are like walking on clouds, thanks to their DNA Loft v3 foam. This special foam makes each step soft and bouncy. Runners love these shoes for their plush cushioning that keeps feet comfy, whether you’re jogging around the block or going on a long run.

They fit many different foot shapes because they come in multiple widths.

These trainers have a sturdy rubber bottom that grips the road well and lasts a long time. Your feet stay cool and fresh in Brooks Glycerin 20 with a mesh top that lets air flow through.

These shoes suit both new runners and seasoned joggers looking for comfort during their workouts. Now let’s dive into the pros & cons of this cushy footwear to understand why it stands out.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Glycerin 20)

The Brooks Glycerin 20 emerges as an exemplar in the Brooks lineup, providing runners with an exceptional blend of comfort and performance. Below, we delve into the advantages and drawbacks of this popular model.


– Plush cushioning provides excellent shock absorption and comfort over long distances.

– Premium price point may not fit all budgets.

– Stability features cater to a variety of foot types, including those with flat or narrow feet.

– Heavier weight could be a downside for runners seeking an ultra-light shoe.

– Versatile design supports both casual jogs and intensive training.

– Some runners may find the cushioning too soft for a responsive feel.

– The shoe’s durability is well-suited for different terrains, extending its lifespan.

– May require a break-in period to achieve optimal comfort.

– Known for its breathability, it keeps feet cool and dry during runs.

– Limited color options could disappoint those who prefer vibrant styles.

Gearing up to discuss the next standout model, let’s transition to the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23, known for its loyal following among men’s running circles.

Best Overall for Men: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

A photo of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 shoes on a scenic running trail.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 stands out as the frontrunner for men seeking a harmonious blend of support and comfort. It embodies the brand’s commitment to quality, delivering a shoe that excels in both performance and durability on diverse running landscapes.

Features & Description (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 shoes are built for runners who need extra support. They have special GuideRails that keep your feet stable, perfect if you tend to roll your feet inward when you run.

These guide rails help both overpronators and neutral runners stay in line without getting in the way of their stride.

They also come with DNA Loft cushioning that runs the whole length of the shoe. This makes them really soft and comfy, so they protect your joints from hard impacts during long runs or easy jogs.

For those looking for a dependable running partner on their fitness journey, these shoes offer great support and cushioning with each step.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23)

Building on the rich features of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23, it’s crucial to weigh its strengths and potential drawbacks to determine if it’s the right fit for your running needs. The Adrenaline GTS 23 is designed with an emphasis on stability and comfort, making it an excellent choice for long-distance runners and those requiring extra foot support. However, as with any running shoe, individual preferences and fit play significant roles in overall satisfaction. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of its pros and cons:

GuideRails technology offers targeted support to maintain natural stride.Some runners may find the shoe too structured for their liking.
Full-length DNA Loft cushioning ensures a plush, comfortable ride.Priced at $140, it may be less accessible for budget-conscious consumers.
Engineered air mesh promotes breathability and a secure fit.May require a break-in period before achieving optimal comfort.
Provides excellent shock absorption, protecting joints during impact.Heavier than some other models, which might not be ideal for racing.
Available in a variety of widths, accommodating different foot shapes.Design may not appeal to all runners looking for a more minimalist aesthetic.

In assessing the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23, the balance of advanced cushioning and support technologies make it a standout choice for those in search of a reliable and comfortable running companion.

Best Budget: Brooks Revel 5 Running Shoes

A diverse group of runners wearing Brooks shoes at the starting line of a race.

For cost-conscious runners who don’t want to compromise on quality, the Brooks Revel 5 presents a stellar option that’s easy on your wallet. Experience the perfect blend of performance and affordability with this robust entry-level shoe designed for those looking to get serious about their running without breaking the bank.

Features & Description (Brooks Revel 5 Running Shoes)

The Brooks Revel 5 running shoes are great for those who want comfort and style without spending a lot. They have soft cushioning that makes your runs smooth. The shoes fit well because they are made with a breathable knit top part.

This means your feet stay cool and snug as you move.

These shoes feel light on your feet, only weighing 8 ounces, so you can run fast. They also have good rubber bottoms that help you push off the ground better. With these shoes, runners get the extra cushioning and support they need to go far and feel good while doing it.

Plus, they look sharp with their modern design, making them perfect both for workouts or just going out.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Revel 5 Running Shoes)

Evaluating the Brooks Revel 5 Running Shoes reveals a mix of benefits and considerations that shoppers should weigh before making a purchase. Here’s a breakdown to guide your decision:

Engineered with DNA AMP cushioning foam, the shoes provide a responsive and energized running experience.Some runners might find the shoes heavier than other models, potentially affecting speed during runs.
Falls under the “Energize” category, making them a solid choice for those seeking a balance between cushioning and support.Though versatile, the design may not satisfy athletes who prefer a shoe optimized specifically for racing or heavy trail use.
Holiday deals and discounts on Amazon can offer significant savings on these quality running shoes.Some users may require a break-in period to adjust to the shoe’s fit and feel.
Suitable for various runners, including those with neutral strides.The aesthetics may not appeal to all, as style preferences are subjective.

Brooks’ commitment to innovation and the runner’s experience is evident in the Revel 5’s features. Up next, let’s take a closer look at the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Running Shoe, designed to aid those dealing with overpronation.

Best for Overpronation: Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Running Shoe

For runners facing the challenges of overpronation, finding the right shoe is critical for maintaining comfort and stability. The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Running Shoe expertly addresses this need with targeted support designed to correct excessive inward foot rolling.

Features & Description (Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Running Shoe)

The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 running shoe is built to keep feet stable and supported. It’s perfect if you have flat feet that need extra care when you run or walk. This shoe uses GuideRails technology which helps your knees by stopping too much movement in your feet.

It feels like this shoe gives a gentle nudge to guide them straight without being too pushy.

These shoes are soft inside with DNA cushioning that soaks up the shock each time your foot hits the ground, meaning less stress on your joints. The top part of the shoe is made of breathable mesh, making sure your feet stay cool and fit just right.

Plus, they’re made strong with an engineered mesh upper and rubber sole material. They have medium cushioning but are still light enough at 10.1 ounces not to drag you down while you’re moving forward.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Running Shoe)

Brooks Addiction GTS 15 Running Shoe is tailored to meet the needs of runners who require extra support, especially those dealing with overpronation. This shoe combines stability features and cushioning to offer a comfortable and safe running experience.

Integrated GuideRails technology provides excellent supportAt $140, this shoe may be considered expensive by some
DNA cushioning system ensures effective shock absorption 
Engineered with a breathable upper for enhanced fit and comfort 
Ideal for walking or running on uneven surfaces 
Designed specifically for runners with overpronation issues 
Delivers a stable running shoe option for those with flat feet 

Engineered to cater to diverse fitness goals, the Brooks Addiction GTS 15 is a reliable choice for committed runners. Moving on, let’s delve into the features and benefits of the Brooks Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes, which are designed to cater to those with plantar fasciitis.

Best for Plantar Fasciitis: Brooks Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes

For those grappling with the discomfort of plantar fasciitis, Brooks Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes could be your stride-saving grace. Engineered with targeted support and a cushioned foundation, they’re meticulously designed to alleviate the strain on your feet during runs.

Features & Description (Brooks Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes)

Brooks Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes are a top pick for comfort and support. They come with GuideRails technology, which helps keep your feet in place as you move. This makes them great for people who need extra help to prevent their feet from rolling too much inward or outward.

The shoes also have an external heel counter. This part holds the back of your foot tight to stop it from wiggling around.

These shoes have lots of cushioning, which feels soft and squishy under your feet—perfect for long walks or runs! Plus, they give you good value because they last a long time and fit well right out of the box.

For those with sore feet, especially plantar fasciitis, these shoes can make moving more comfortable. With a roomy toe box, there’s plenty of space so that toes don’t feel squeezed together or rub against each other.

If you like walking or running on paths that aren’t smooth, you’ll find these sneakers supportive and stable on uneven ground.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes)

Finding the right pair of running shoes can make all the difference in your fitness journey, whether you’re a casual jogger or a dedicated marathoner. The Brooks Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes offer features tailored for maximum support and foot comfort. Let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of this particular model.

  • Maximum support makes them ideal for runners requiring extra stability.
  • Excellent cushioning mitigates impact, enhancing comfort during long runs.
  • Roomy toe box allows for natural toe spread, reducing the risk of blisters.
  • Heavier construction might not appeal to those seeking lightweight shoes.
  • Expensive price point can be a barrier for budget-conscious athletes.

These Ariel ’20 running shoes cater to the needs of runners who prioritize foot support and comfort over speed and lightness. Their robust construction ensures a stable ride, although the heft may slow down some runners. As for the price, think of it as an investment in your running health, providing a premium experience for your feet.

Best Cushioned: Brooks Levitate 6 Running Shoe

For those who crave a plush ride, the Brooks Levitate 6 Running Shoe offers unparalleled cushioning. Its innovative technology ensures a responsive and energizing experience with every stride.

Features & Description (Brooks Levitate 6 Running Shoe)

The Brooks Levitate 6 Running Shoe is all about giving runners a smooth ride with loads of energy. It has DNA Loft cushioning which makes the shoe super soft and comfy. This means when you run, your foot feels like it’s bouncing back with every step.

The shoe also has something called GuideRails. These help keep your feet in line, so you can move naturally without twisting or turning in ways that could cause hurt.

This running shoe isn’t just for long jogs but for everyday walks too. It’s part of Brooks’ “Cushion” group of road shoes, which tells you it’s designed to give your feet a nice pillow-like feel on hard surfaces.

With its cozy insides and supportive build, the Brooks Levitate 6 turns daily runs into joyful strides and helps push you forward whether on the track or shopping downtown.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Levitate 6 Running Shoe)

Brooks Levitate 6 Running Shoe distinguishes itself with responsive cushioning and a snug fit, making it a notable option for runners who enjoy a springy ride. Below, we’ve delineated the advantages and disadvantages of this model to help you make an informed decision.

  • Engineered for optimal energy return, these shoes offer a springy and responsive ride.
  • Features Brooks’ DNA AMP midsole technology that delivers high comfort and cushioning.
  • Integrates a Fit Knit upper for a secure and comfortable fit that adapts to the foot’s shape.
  • Designed with arrow-point outsole patterns for quick transitions and efficient heel to toe movement.
  • May be heavier than other models, which could affect performance for those seeking ultra-lightweight shoes.
  • Some runners might find the cushioning too springy, which could potentially affect stability.
  • Price point may be higher compared to other options, making it less accessible for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Can run slightly narrow, posing a fit challenge for those with wider feet.

Runners across the spectrum, from novices to seasoned athletes, may find the Brooks Levitate 6 a viable contender in their quest for an energized run, provided the unique balance of its features aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

Best for Trail Running: Brooks Cascadia 16

For those who crave adventure beyond the pavement, the Brooks Cascadia 16 emerges as a top contender in trail running footwear. It offers robust durability and advanced traction that confidently grips varied terrain, ensuring a secure stride through each wild excursion.

Features & Description (Brooks Cascadia 16)

The Brooks Cascadia 16 is a tough trail running shoe that’s built to handle rough paths. It has a rock plate in the sole, which keeps your feet safe from sharp rocks and roots. This makes it strong and long-lasting for many outdoor adventures.

Trail runners love this shoe because of its breathable mesh upper and secure fit design. The mesh lets air move around your foot, keeping you cool and comfy even on hot days.

This shoe also provides just-right cushioning, not too soft or too firm—perfect for feeling the ground and staying stable on uneven terrain. At only 10.5 ounces, it’s light enough so you won’t feel weighed down as you run across hills and valleys.

And with a grippy rubber outsole, it gives you good traction to prevent slipping on wet or loose surfaces.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Cascadia 16)

The Brooks Cascadia 16 running shoes are engineered for stability and comfort on rugged trails. They blend a responsive ride with protective features to make trail running a smoother experience.

Lightweight and energizing cushioning allows for an agile run.May not provide enough arch support for runners with specific foot types.
Exceptional grip offers confidence on diverse trail surfaces.Some runners might find the fit a bit too snug in the toe box.
A protective rock plate in the sole shields feet from sharp objects.Individuals may experience a break-in period to achieve optimal comfort.
Secure fit and breathability are provided by the engineered mesh and 3D fit print upper.Heavier than some other trail running shoe options.
Durability is enhanced with high-quality materials and construction.Price point might be high for those on a tight budget.

Runners seeking a reliable trail companion will appreciate the balance between protection and performance in Cascadia 16. It’s designed to handle long distances and varied terrain with ease, although individual preferences and fit may vary, so some may need to consider other options.

Best for Wide Feet: Brooks Dyad 11

For runners with wider feet searching for comfort without compromising performance, the Brooks Dyad 11 emerges as a top choice. Its spacious toebox and accommodating fit are engineered to provide an exceptional running experience for those who require extra room.

Features & Description (Brooks Dyad 11)

The Brooks Dyad 11 running shoes are great for runners with wide feet looking for comfort and support. These shoes have a special fit that feels good on your feet if they’re wider than normal.

They also help to keep you stable while you run. The top part of the shoe has lots of tiny holes, making sure your feet stay cool and dry by letting air move through. For people who need extra room, they come in three different widths.

These shoes cost about $130 and are made with mesh on the upper part and rubber on the bottom to last long. They also have an outsole that grips well so you won’t slip easily, plus they support your arches which is important when running a lot.

If soft cushioning is what you look for in a shoe, then the Brooks Dyad 11 won’t let you down – customers say it feels really comfy.

Let’s find out about their pros & cons now!

Pros & Cons (Brooks Dyad 11)

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of any running shoe is crucial to making an informed decision. Below, we examine the pros and cons of the Brooks Dyad 11, a model known for accommodating a variety of foot shapes and providing comfort and stability during runs.

Offers three width options, catering to runners with wide feet.Some runners may find the shoe bulky compared to lighter models.
High-energizing cushioning supports long-distance efforts.Style options are limited, which might be a drawback for fashion-conscious athletes.
Durable rubber outsole provides reliable arch support.Higher price point could be a barrier for budget-conscious buyers.
Perforated mesh upper enhances breathability and moisture control.May require a break-in period for optimal comfort.
Sturdy construction offers longevity and consistent performance.Heavier weight might not be ideal for those seeking a minimalist shoe.

Runners looking for a shoe that can handle a variety of foot shapes and provide stable, cushioned runs will find the Brooks Dyad 11 to be a strong contender. However, those prioritizing style, minimalism, or a smaller budget might consider other options.

Best Lightweight: Brooks Hyperion Max Running Shoes

For runners pursuing speed without the burden of heavy footwear, the Brooks Hyperion Max Running Shoes emerge as a game-changer. Their featherlike design complements a swift stride, making them an attractive choice for those seeking to elevate their performance with minimalistic yet robust support.

Features & Description (Brooks Hyperion Max Running Shoes)

The Brooks Hyperion Max running shoes are built for speed and a smooth ride. They have nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH cushioning in the midsole. This makes them really bouncy, so you can move fast.

The stretch woven part on top is light and fits snug like a glove. It also lets your feet breathe so they don’t get too hot.

These running shoes help take the pain out of hitting the ground when you run. The mesh on top is specially made to be light but strong, keeping your foot safe inside without weighing you down.

Whether going for long runs or quick sprints, these shoes work great for anyone looking to go faster with comfort.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Hyperion Max Running Shoes)

When considering the Brooks Hyperion Max Running Shoes, it’s essential to weigh both their advantages and limitations to make an informed decision. These shoes are designed to maximize cushioning and responsiveness while providing comfort during runs. Below is a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons in an easy-to-read HTML table format.

Enhanced cushioning with thick DNA Flash foam provides exceptional comfort and energy return for longer runs.Heavier than some lightweight counterparts, which could impact performance for those seeking ultra-light shoes.
Breathable upper ensures comfort and ventilation, keeping feet cool and dry even on hot days.Some runners might find the cushioning too soft for their preference, affecting the sense of ground contact.
Responsiveness of the DNA Flash foam aids in a quick and agile running experience.Premium materials and technology reflected in a higher price point that may not fit all budgets.
Suitable for a variety of distances, making it a versatile choice for both training and racing.May not cater to runners with specific needs, such as those requiring additional arch support.

These insights will help individuals at any fitness level understand the potential benefits and limitations of the Brooks Hyperion Max Running Shoes for their training and competitive endeavors.

Best for Everyday Running: Brooks Launch 9

The Brooks Launch 9 emerges as an exceptional choice for runners who demand a shoe that excels in daily training, offering a harmonious blend of responsiveness and comfort. Its design caters to those committed to regular runs, ensuring performance isn’t compromised whether you’re on a light jog or pushing the pace on tempo day.

Features & Description (Brooks Launch 9)

Brooks Launch 9 running shoes are made for those who run often. They have DNA Loft cushioning to keep your feet comfy on long runs. GuideRails support helps you move well, so the shoe is great for different kinds of running.

This shoe has a new midsole that bends and moves with your foot. From heel to toe, your steps feel smooth and quick. Brooks Launch 9 fits into everyday life, making it a smart choice for daily training or hitting the pavement whenever you feel like it.

Pros & Cons (Brooks Launch 9)

The Brooks Launch 9 stands as a remarkable option for runners seeking a shoe that balances speed with a touch of cushioning. It’s crafted with a focus on being lightweight and responsive, serving runners who prioritize pace and efficiency. Let’s delve into the advantages and limitations that come with this dynamic shoe.

Lightweight design promotes a quicker turnover, enhancing speed.Less cushioning may not support long-distance runs as comfortably.
Engineered for responsive performance, facilitating a more energetic run.Runners with a preference for high support may find it insufficient.
Optimized for agility, making it an asset in fast-paced workouts.May not be the ideal choice for those with more pronounced stability needs.
Appeals to a variety of fitness enthusiasts with its versatile build.Some athletes might seek a more plush feel for extended wear.
Favorable for athletes who incorporate speedwork into their routines.As a “Speed” shoe, it’s not tailored for everyone’s daily mileage.

Individuals engaged in diverse training activities will appreciate the Launch 9’s adaptability, from short sprints to tempo runs. Its construction strikes a balance between minimalism and comfort, making it a standout choice for certain runners. Yet, those who routinely tackle vast distances might look towards models specifically designed with endurance in mind.

How We Select and Test Brooks Running Shoes

To pick the best Brooks running shoes, we check a lot of things. We try them on to see how they fit and feel. Experts like foot doctors help us decide if the shoes give good support and cushioning.

We look at what each shoe is made for, like long runs or quick sprints.

We also test the shoes by really running in them! This helps us know if they are comfy and can handle different workouts. Breathability and price matter too. Our goal is to find great Brooks running shoes that work well for lots of people who love to run or walk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive in to clarify doubts and make informed decisions for your next pair of dependable runners.

Are Brooks shoes a good pick for women?

Brooks shoes are great for women just starting to run. They give your feet a lot of support and cushioning, which helps keep you comfortable while you run. Running experts say that Brooks running shoes for women are smart choices because they fit well and help your legs feel less tired during and after runs.

These shoes also have good stability, making them safe for those who are new to running or getting back into it after some time off. Plus, with different heel-to-toe drops in their designs, there’s a Brooks shoe that will work well with how you naturally move your feet.

Whether you’re taking on the road or hitting the trails, Brooks has options that can help any runner start off on the right foot.

Running shoes for beginners dealing with specific foot issues like flat feet, Brooks offers shoes with special features such as wide toe-boxes and midsoles designed to provide extra support where it’s needed most.

With advice from podiatrists included in articles about these shoes, one can make an informed decision on which pair might be best suited to their individual needs without feeling lost in technical terms or marketing jargon.

This makes stepping into the world of running less daunting and more exciting for people at every fitness level looking to improve their health through exercise.

What Brooks shoes are best for flat feet?

Finding suitable running shoes for flat feet is a great challenge. The Brooks Addiction GTS 15 and Adrenaline GTS 22 stand out for this need. They both offer stability and support to keep your feet comfortable.

The Addiction GTS 15 has GuideRails that help control too much movement, which is great if your flat feet move in ways they shouldn’t when you run.

For those wanting extra cushioning, Women’s Ariel ’20 Running Shoes and Levitate 6 are top choices with soft padding and fit that changes to suit your foot. Another good choice for wide or flat feet is the Dyad 11, giving a just-right fit along with comfort and support where it’s needed most.

These features are important for keeping flat-footed runners feeling good on their paths.

How does the Brooks Hyperion Elite compare to other premium racing shoes?

The Brooks Hyperion Elite stands out in the race for the top running shoe. It’s made for speed with a carbon fiber plate that pushes you forward, helping you run faster. The wide footbed gives your feet steady ground, so you feel secure as you zoom by.

This shoe is like the Nike Vaporfly but has its own special touch. It offers lots of cushioning with every step and helps your energy bounce back so that each push-off is powerful.

When looking at other high-end racing shoes, think about what makes the Hyperion Elite different. Its cushioning is not just soft; it also lasts long which means your feet stay comfy even in long races.

The energy return thanks to its unique design lets runners feel quick and light on their feet. Many other shoes are great too, but this one’s mix of fast feel, support, and lasting comfort makes it a tough act to follow for serious racers wanting a reliable choice on race day.


Picking the right Brooks running shoes can really help your feet feel great. With all the options we talked about, there’s a shoe that fits everyone’s needs. Whether you run on trails, need extra cushioning, or have wide feet, Brooks has you covered.

Remember to check out which shoe could make your runs better and more fun. Lace up your choice and enjoy every step of your running journey!