Amazfit Band 5 Review: Features, Performance, And Value For Money

Finding the right fitness tracker can feel like searching for a needle in a digital haystack. Enter the Amazfit Band 5: an affordable titan among giants, boasting features that rival its high-end competitors.

This review will lay out how the Amazfit Band 5 stands up in functionality and value, guiding you toward a smarter choice for your wellness journey. Let’s dive in—your perfect fitness partner awaits.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazfit Band 5 has a full-touch AMOLED display, is water-resistant, and offers over 45 watch faces.
  • It includes health features such as blood oxygen measurement, stress monitoring with breathing exercises, constant heart rate tracking, and advanced sleep analysis.
  • Alexa integration allows for easy voice control to set alarms or manage smart home devices without using your phone.
  • The battery can last up to 15 days on a single charge, making it less hassle for frequent charging.
  • At $49.99, the Amazfit Band 5 provides many of the same features as more expensive fitness trackers but at a lower cost.

Overview of the Amazfit Band 5

A runner wearing the Amazfit Band 5 on a scenic trail.

Delving into the realm of affordable fitness tech, the Amazfit Band 5 emerges as a feature-packed contender. Poised to challenge its high-end rivals, this sleek device is designed not just to keep pace with your active lifestyle but also to potentially become an integral part of it.

Design and Display

The Amazfit Band 5 sports a sleek 1.1” full-touch color AMOLED screen that pops with vivid colors. Its display is bright and clear, making it easy to see your stats at a glance, even under the sun.

You can personalize your look with over 45 watch faces to choose from — whether you’re going for sporty or stylish, there’s something for everyone. The band itself is water-resistant up to 5 ATM, ready for all kinds of daily activities and perfectly safe for swimming.

Touch-sensitive controls make navigation simple on this wearable tech piece. With just a swipe or tap, you can check notifications or your exercise data without breaking stride in your workout.

The midnight black color option gives the device an elegant yet durable feel; it looks as good in the gym as it does at dinner. Plus, its lightweight design means you’ll barely notice it’s there while you’re on the move or getting some shut-eye.


Amazfit Band 5 packs an array of features designed to monitor your health and fitness. A standout option is the blood oxygen (SpO2) measurement, which checks how well your body distributes oxygen—a crucial indicator of overall wellness.

Besides that, you can manage stress with its built-in monitoring system; the device suggests breathing exercises when high stress levels are detected.

This smart band also keeps an eye on your heart rate around the clock, providing alerts if it detects anything unusual. Sleep tracking breaks down different sleep stages, helping you understand your rest patterns better.

With Amazon Alexa integration, control smart home devices or set up alarms and reminders—all hands-free. Alerts for calls, messages, and app notifications ensure you stay connected even while working out or running errands.

Fitness Tracking Capabilities of the Amazfit Band 5

The Amazfit Band 5 in a bustling fitness setting.

The Amazfit Band 5 isn’t just a timekeeper; it’s a personal trainer strapped to your wrist. This device takes fitness tracking seriously, offering nuanced data that caters not only to athletes but also to anyone looking to stay active and healthy.

Activity tracking

Amazfit Band 5 tracks your daily activities like steps, distance, and calories burned. It keeps an eye on your movements to give you a full picture of your fitness progress. You can choose from different sports modes to record workouts such as running, biking, or swimming.

This band is smart – it knows when you’re active and logs the data.

Carry your phone with you if you want to map out runs because the band needs it for GPS location. Still, Amazfit Band 5 makes sure that every step counts toward reaching your goals.

Keep moving and let this activity tracker handle the rest!

Sleep tracking

Sleep tracking on the Amazfit Band 5 is like having a sleep coach on your wrist. It looks at how you sleep each night, breaking it down into light, deep, and REM stages. This band doesn’t just count sheep with you; it offers tips to help improve your shut-eye.

Experts have designed these insights so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Every morning, check the stats to see how well you slept. You’ll learn about your sleep patterns and discover new ways to get better rest. The Amazfit Band 5 does this using its advanced sensors and algorithms – no need for guesswork or counting tosses and turns yourself.

Let this smart gadget guide you towards dreamier nights and brighter mornings!

Stress monitoring

Keeping tabs on how you rest is just the beginning—the Amazfit Band 5 also hones in on your stress levels throughout the day. It uses heart rate variability to gauge your stress, offering real-time feedback so you know exactly when to take a deep breath or a quick walk.

The band even dishes out a daily stress analysis chart for a clear view of your chill vs. crunch time.

The Amazfit Band 5 motivates you to hit the hay earlier and improve sleep habits, which can help keep stress at bay. With this wearable, managing tension becomes part of your everyday routine—just like tracking steps or logging water intake.

By giving such precise insights into when and why pressure peaks, it stands as an essential tool for anyone aiming for all-around health without breaking the bank.

Health Monitoring Features of the Amazfit Band 5

Beyond tracking every step and every beat, the Amazfit Band 5 isn’t just about keeping you moving—it’s tuned into your body’s signals, offering a deeper insight into your overall well-being.

Let’s dive into how this device not only counts calories but also keeps a watchful eye on critical health markers that speak volumes about what’s happening inside you.

Heart rate monitoring

The Amazfit Band 5 keeps an eye on your heart all day and night. It watches for any high heart rate alerts to keep you safe during workouts or rest. This feature is perfect for tracking changes in your fitness level and ensuring your heart stays healthy.

You get peace of mind with the band’s 24/7 heart rate monitoring. This smart tracker warns you if your heartbeat gets too fast, helping you take it easy when needed. Whether you’re running, sleeping, or just going about your day, the Amazfit Band 5 has got your back—or rather, your heartbeat!

Blood oxygen readings

Blood oxygen readings tell you how much oxygen your blood carries. If it’s too low, you might have a health issue. Lucky for you, the Amazfit Band 5 checks your SpO2 levels. Just wear the band, and with a few taps, you get instant feedback on your oxygen stats.

It’s like having a personal oxymeter on your wrist – smart and simple!

Checking blood oxygen has become easier than ever with this fitness tracker. You can keep an eye on your levels during workouts or even when just resting. Knowing these numbers helps you stay on top of your game and manage your health better every single day.

Smart Features of the Amazfit Band 5

Elevating everyday convenience, the Amazfit Band 5 comes equipped with an array of smart features that seamlessly integrate into your digital life—from instant notifications at a glance to Alexa integration for effortless voice control.

Experience cutting-edge functionality wrapped around your wrist, making multitasking more accessible than ever before.


Notifications on the Amazfit Band 5 keep you connected without having to pull out your smartphone. You can get alerts for texts, calls, emails, and apps like Facebook and WeChat right on your wrist.

Customize which notifications to receive so you only see what’s important to you.

The band’s touch-sensitive screen makes it easy to read and dismiss notifications with a simple swipe. Plus, with Alexa integration, managing alerts using voice commands is a breeze.

Stay in the loop effortlessly as you go about your day or during a workout session.

Alexa integration

The Amazfit Band 5 comes with a handy feature: built-in Amazon Alexa. You can talk to your fitness band. Ask it to set alarms, check the weather, or control smart home devices—all hands-free.

Just say the wake word and Alexa listens to your commands right from your wrist.

You won’t need to pull out your smartphone for quick tasks anymore. Control music playback, get news updates, or even manage your shopping list with simple voice commands. The convenience of having Alexa on-the-go makes multitasking easy and keeps you focused on reaching those fitness goals without missing a beat.

Battery Life of the Amazfit Band 5

Amazfit Band 5 keeps going strong for up to 15 days straight without needing a charge. That’s plenty of time to track workouts, sleep, and heart rate. You won’t have to worry about plugging it in every night, which makes life easier.

This fitness tracker stands out in the endurance race and lets you stay focused on your goals.

Its long-lasting battery means less stress about running out of power. Just wear it and get moving; Amazfit Band 5 handles the rest. You can hike, swim, or hit the gym knowing your band has enough juice to keep up with you.

Value for Money: Is the Amazfit Band 5 Worth It?

Moving from battery life to the overall worth of the Amazfit Band 5, cost is a big part of the decision. At just $49.99, it’s a fraction of what you’d pay for higher-end smartwatches like Apple Watch 6 or Fitbit Sense.

You get many similar features, such as activity tracking, sleep and stress monitoring, and heart rate checks.

It even reads your blood oxygen levels and supports Alexa integration for smart assistance on your wrist. Considering these features at that price point makes it an attractive option for those improving physical fitness without breaking the bank.

Fitness enthusiasts can track their progress and stay connected without spending hundreds of dollars on other brands..


The Amazfit Band 5 packs a punch with features you’d see in expensive trackers. For just $50, it monitors your heart rate, tracks sleep, and even reads blood oxygen levels. You can chat with Alexa and get phone notifications right on your wrist! It shines as a budget-friendly choice for fitness enthusiasts.

With its impressive battery life and sleek design, the Amazfit Band 5 is a real contender in the world of smart fitness bands.