How Much Does an Oil Change Cost at Valvoline

Changing your car’s oil is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance, but the cost can frequently vary. At Valvoline, oil change prices range from $39.99 to $89.99 depending on several factors.

This blog post will guide you through the pricing structure for an oil change at Valvoline and things that could affect these costs. Keep reading to understand how to get the best value for your money next time you visit Valvoline!

Key Takeaways

  • Valvoline offers a range of oil change services with prices ranging from $39.99 to $89.99 depending on the type of service and location.
  • Factors that can affect the cost of an oil change at Valvoline include the type of oil used, engine size and car type, and location.
  • Other competitors like Firestone, Goodyear, Jiffy Lube, Meineke, Pep Boys, and Mavis Discount Tire also offer competitive prices for oil changes.
  • Valvoline provides additional services like tire rotations and battery replacements while offering quick and convenient service by trained technicians.

Understanding Valvoline Oil Change Services

A mechanic checks the oil level of a car engine.

Valvoline offers many types of oil change services. You can choose from a wide range. It ranges from standard to high-end synthetic oils. Valvoline changes your car’s oil with care and skill.

Plus, they check other parts too. Your car gets a good look over for any issues.

Changing the oil helps keep your car running smoothly. It also prevents wear and tear on the engine parts inside your vehicle. The work at Valvoline is fast but thorough. With trained workers, you know that your car is in capable hands!

Cost of an Oil Change at Valvoline

The cost of an oil change at Valvoline varies depending on the type of service and the location, but generally ranges from $39.99 to $89.99 for a standard oil change.

Standard Oil Change

A standard oil change at Valvoline is a great deal. It comes with premium conventional oil that keeps your engine clean and working well. This service includes up to 5 quarts of this high-quality oil.

A busy oil change station with multiple vehicles being serviced.

If your car needs more than five quarts, you will need to pay extra for each additional quart needed.

This type of oil change costs around $39.99, but prices can vary by location and vehicle type. The cost of a standard oil change at Valvoline also relies on the size of the car’s engine and its make or model.

Despite this, it remains the most affordable option for many drivers due to its lower price compared to synthetic or high-mileage oils.

Extra Oil Costs

At Valvoline, you may need to pay for extra oil. This happens if your car needs more than the five quarts included in their oil change package. The cost of this extra oil can go from $5 up to $9 per quart.

This depends on what kind of oil you pick for your car.

Factors Influencing the Cost of an Oil Change at Valvoline

A photograph of various oil types and sizes displayed on a mechanic's workstation.

Several factors can influence the cost of an oil change at Valvoline, including the type of oil used, engine size and car type, and location.

Oil Type

Valvoline gives you a choice of oil types. You can choose from many options. They have common oil and synthetic oil too. High-mileage car? Pick the high-mileage oil! Some cars need special oils.

Their prices are higher but worth it for your car’s health. Picking the right oil type helps keep your engine working well.

Engine Size and Car Type

The size of your engine and the type of car you have can affect how much an oil change at Valvoline will cost. If you have a larger engine, it may require more oil, which means you might need to pay extra for the additional oil during your oil change.

Different types of cars may also require specific types of oil, and this can impact the overall cost as well. It’s important to keep these factors in mind when considering the price of an oil change at Valvoline.


The location of the Valvoline service center can affect the cost of an oil change. In urban areas, where living costs are generally higher, you may find that the prices at Valvoline are also higher.

This is because expenses like rent and utilities tend to be more expensive in cities. So, if you live in a big city, keep in mind that you might end up paying a bit more for your oil change compared to someone who lives in a smaller town or rural area.

Comparing Valvoline Oil Change Prices with Competitors

When comparing the cost of an oil change, it’s important to look at the prices offered by different service providers. Valvoline, for example, offers a range of prices depending on the type of oil you choose. However, other providers like Firestone, Goodyear, Jiffy Lube, Meineke, Pep Boys, and Mavis Discount Tire also offer competitive prices. Here’s a brief comparison of the average oil change prices across these providers:

Service ProviderOil Change Price Range
Valvoline$39.99 – $89.99
Firestone$29.99 – $109.99
Goodyear$29.99 – $109.99
Jiffy Lube$29.99 – $109.99
Meineke$29.99 – $109.99
Pep Boys$29.99 – $109.99
Mavis Discount Tire$29.99 – $109.99

Remember, these prices could vary depending on factors such as your car’s engine size and type, as well as the location of the service center. In addition to oil change services, these providers offer other auto services, so it’s worth comparing the overall package of services to get the best value for your money. Always check for any special promotions or discounts that these providers may offer, as this can significantly reduce the cost of your oil change.

Benefits of Choosing Valvoline for an Oil Change

A garage scene with various oil cans for sale.

Valvoline offers additional services like tire rotations, battery replacements, and wiper blade replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

– How long does an oil change take at Valvoline?

– Do I need to tip the oil change technician at Valvoline?

How Fast is an Oil Change at Valvoline?

Valvoline completes most oil changes in just 15-20 minutes. Their trained and certified technicians work efficiently to provide quick and convenient service. With their commitment to quality and customer service, you can trust them to get the job done efficiently without compromising on the results.

Valvoline service centers have flexible working hours, typically operating from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekends (hours may vary).

Should You Tip the Oil Change Technician at Valvoline?

Valvoline technicians are trained professionals who provide quick and convenient oil change services. While tipping is not required, it is a nice gesture if you feel the technician has provided exceptional service.

Valvoline strives to offer competitive pricing and discounts to help customers save money. So, whether or not you choose to tip, you can trust that your oil change will be handled by experienced technicians committed to providing quality service.


In conclusion, the cost of an oil change at Valvoline can vary depending on factors such as the type of oil, engine size, car type, and location. Prices range from $39.99 to $89.99 for different oil types.

It’s important to consider these factors when deciding where to get your oil changed. Remember that Valvoline offers additional services and convenient locations, making them a good choice for your automotive needs.


1. How much is an oil change at Valvoline?

The price of an oil change at Valvoline varies and can depend on the type of products like premium conventional or synthetic oils.

2. Does the cost for a Valvoline oil change include extra services?

No, other automotive services such as air filter replacements, fuel system cleaning, and fluid exchanges are charged separately.

3. What kinds of oil does Valvoline offer for changes?

Valvoline offers several types of high-quality products for oil changes including NextGen Conventional Oil, MaxLife Synthetic Blend Oil, and Synpower Synthetic Oil.

4. Are prices different for each type of oil change at Valvoline?

Yes, different oils from the conventional to full synthetics have varying prices; customers also may have to pay a cost if extra oil is needed.

5. Why might my car need different fluids replaced during its time at valvoline besides just changing the engine’s lubricating substance (oil)?

Your vehicle may need preventative maintenance involving antifreeze/coolant refills or power steering fluid exchanges performed by the ‘oil change guy’ himself ensuring all-around service delivering exceptional customer care.

6. Is there a detailed list showing all costs related to getting your vehicle serviced within this auto center (Valvoline)?

A precise document called “the valvoline Instant Oil Change price list” will give you a complete breakdown showcasing both items – their corresponding expenses whether it be wiper blade renewals up till tire pressure checks falling under their working hours providing convenient solutions meeting customer needs.