How to Schedule a Walmart Auto Center Appointment for Oil Changes, Tire Service, and Car Batteries

Understanding the ins and outs of scheduling auto service appointments can often be a real headache, right? Trust me, I’ve found myself tangled up in this very web too. Luckily, through some trial and error, I discovered that Walmart Auto Care Centers really do provide an efficient solution we could all use.

This article aims to guide you step-by-step on how to easily book your next appointment for oil changes, tire services or car battery replacements at Walmart Auto Center. So let’s buckle up and start streamlining your vehicle maintenance routine!

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart Auto Centers offer services such as oil changes, tire service, and car battery replacements to keep your car running smoothly.
  • To schedule an appointment at Walmart Auto Center, you can do it over the phone, through the Walmart app, or by visiting in person.
  • Prices for services at Walmart Auto Center are competitive and transparent. They also offer discounts on select tire brands and use Castrol oil for oil changes.
  • Using Walmart Auto Center provides convenience, savings through promotions and discounts, and detailed information about their services.

Overview of Walmart Auto Center Services

A car technician working at Walmart auto center

Walmart Auto Care Centers provide a range of services to keep your car running smoothly, including oil changes, tire service, and car battery replacements.

Oil Changes

At Walmart Auto Care Centers, we offer oil changes. Your car needs good oil to keep running well. We use Castrol oil for our oil changes. You can check the cost of an oil change on the Walmart website.

If you want a cheaper price, look for savings and deals that we share. To get your car’s oil changed, you have to book an appointment first. You can do this online in a few easy steps!

Tire Service

You can trust Walmart Auto Center for tire service. We offer a big 45% off on some tire brands. If you need to turn your tires, it costs $5 per tire only. Our team has the skill to do this fast and right.

We also have different packages for putting new tires on your car. The Basic Tire Installation Package is great if you want a simple job done well. The Value Tire Installation Package gives more benefits with added services.

You can pick what fits you best.

In the United States, we have almost 2,500 Auto Centers ready to help out with your car needs!

Car Batteries Replacement

You might need to change your car battery. Don’t worry! Walmart Auto Care Center is here to help with this task. We stock different types of batteries for all kinds of cars. You can find and pick a new battery on our website or at the store.

Not sure which one to get? Our team will help you choose the right one for your car. After that, they will put in the new battery for you. It’s fast and easy!

How to Schedule an Appointment at Walmart Auto Center

To schedule an appointment at Walmart Auto Center, you have three options: via phone, through Walmart’s app, or with an in-person visit.

Via Phone

You can make a Walmart Auto Center appointment on your phone. Just call the store. Ask for the Auto Care Center. Let them know what you need – oil change, tire service, or car battery replacement.

They will tell you when there is time for your car. It’s an easy and fast way to plan your visit!

Through Walmart’s App

When it comes to scheduling an appointment at Walmart Auto Center, using the Walmart app is a convenient option. The app allows customers to easily schedule appointments for oil changes, tire service, and car battery replacement.

With just a few taps on your phone, you can choose the date and time that works best for you. Plus, the app provides information about services offered and pricing details at Walmart Auto Center.

You can even purchase tires online and schedule their installation at an Auto Care Center through the app. Finding nearby Auto Care Centers for all your automotive needs is also made easy with the Walmart app’s locator feature.

In-Person Visit

To schedule an appointment at Walmart Auto Center, you can visit in person. Simply go to the nearest Walmart Auto Center and speak with a customer service representative. They will assist you in scheduling your appointment for oil changes, tire service, or car battery replacements.

By visiting in person, you have the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and ask any questions you may have. The customer service representative will guide you through the process and ensure that your appointment is scheduled at a convenient time for you.

So if you prefer face-to-face interaction when making appointments, visiting Walmart Auto Center in person is a great option for you!

Understanding Walmart Auto Center’s Pricing

Understanding walmart's auto center pricing

Walmart Auto Center offers competitive pricing for their services, with transparent service charges and affordable tire purchase packages. Want to know more about how they calculate their pricing? Keep reading!

Service Charges

At Walmart Auto Care Centers, you can expect to find affordable and transparent service charges. Here’s a breakdown of the services that Walmart Auto Centers provide and their respective charges.

Oil Change$24.88 to $49.88
Tire Service$15 per tire for standard installation
Car Battery ReplacementPrice varies depending on battery type

Remember, Walmart offers savings on various auto products and services. Right now, you can find a 45% discount on select tire brands. Walmart Auto Care Centers use Castrol oil, which is included in the oil change service. When it comes to car batteries, prices will vary depending on the type of battery your vehicle requires. Rest assured, Walmart offers a wide range of replacement auto parts and accessories, making it a one-stop-shop for all your vehicle needs.

Tire Purchase Packages

Walmart Auto Center offers various tire purchase packages to cater to different customer needs. To help you make the right choice for your vehicle, I’ll provide a brief rundown of these packages in the table below.

Package NameDescriptionCost
Basic Tire Installation PackageThis package includes lifetime tire rotation and balance, TPMS service pack, and tire mounting. As part of this package, Walmart offers discounts on select tire brands, with a whopping 45% discount on certain brands.$15 per tire
Value Tire Installation PackageIn addition to everything in the Basic package, the Value package provides a road hazard warranty and 1-year free roadside assistance. Like the Basic package, you can avail of discounts on specific tire brands.$25 per tire
Standard Tire Installation PackageThis package offers all the services included in the Value package plus tire storage for seasonal tires, making it an ideal choice for customers who regularly swap out their tires throughout the year.$35 per tire
Premium Tire Installation PackageOn top of all the services in the Standard package, this premium option provides a lifetime alignment check and 5-year free roadside assistance. It’s the ultimate package for those who want comprehensive tire care and peace of mind.$45 per tire

You can purchase these tire packages online and schedule installation at a Walmart Auto Care Center. The process is simple and convenient, saving you both time and effort. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that Walmart Auto Care Centers have fixed prices for all their services.

The Benefits of Using Walmart Auto Center

A mechanic working on a car in a Walmart Auto Center.

One of the benefits of using Walmart Auto Center is convenience. With their nationwide availability, you can easily find a nearby location for your auto service needs. This means you don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of time searching for an auto center.

Plus, Walmart offers online scheduling, so you can easily make an appointment for oil changes, tire service, and car battery installation from the comfort of your own home.

Another benefit is the savings and discounts that Walmart offers on various auto products and services. For example, they provide a 45% discount on select tire brands. This allows you to get quality products at affordable prices.

Additionally, Walmart Auto Care Centers often have promotions and deals that can help you save even more money.

Lastly, Walmart Auto Center provides detailed information on their services and pricing on their website. This transparency helps you make informed decisions about which services are right for your vehicle and budget.

You can also purchase tires online and schedule installation at a convenient time for you.

Overall, using Walmart Auto Center gives you the convenience of easy scheduling, savings through discounts and promotions, and access to detailed information about their services – making it a great choice for all your auto service needs.


Scheduling a Walmart Auto Center appointment for oil changes, tire service, and car batteries is easy and convenient. You can schedule an appointment via phone, through Walmart’s app, or by visiting in person.

With the wide range of services available and the option to purchase tires online and schedule installation, Walmart Auto Care Centers make it simple to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Take advantage of the discounts on select tire brands and the availability of Castrol oil at Walmart for added value. Find a nearby Auto Care Center and explore their selection of replacement auto parts, accessories, batteries, tires, wheels, and rims today!


1. How do I make an appointment at Walmart Auto Center?

You can schedule a Walmart auto center appointment by calling the store’s phone number or using the locator tool on their website.

2. What time does Walmart Auto Center open and close?

Walmart Auto Center hours differ from each other but many open around 7 am and close around 7 pm.

3. Can I get oil changes, tire services, and car batteries at all locations?

Yes, most of the Walmart automotive centers offer these services along with parts for different kinds of vehicles like ATV, dirt bike, golf cart.

4. Does Walmart auto center provide appointments on Sundays?

Some Walmart auto centers are open on Sundays. You should check your local store’s hours via phone call or their website.

5. What kind of tires can I get with my appointment at Walmart Auto Center?

At a tires appointment you can choose from brands such as Hankook, Firestone, Milestar Vercelli for all types of vehicles like cars trucks SUVs ATVs motorcycles and even commercial truck tyres .

6.How much will an oil change cost at a walmart auto center?

The walmart auto center oil change cost may vary depending upon whether you’re choosing synthetic motor oils like Mobil1 or others .