DIY LED Humidifier Stick

The charm of LED lighting, coupled with the soothing effects of a humidifier, can transform any space into a serene oasis. Combining the two into a compact and portable stick form is not only innovative but also cost-effective. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your own DIY LED Humidifier Stick.

Materials Required:

  1. USB Ultrasonic Mist Maker
  2. RGB LED Strip (preferably with remote control)
  3. Transparent Acrylic Tube (length and diameter as per your choice)
  4. Distilled Water
  5. Rechargeable Battery Pack (compatible with the mist maker and LED strip)
  6. Silicone Sealant
  7. Thin Wires
  8. On/Off Switch

Steps to Create the DIY LED Humidifier Stick:

1. Preparing the Acrylic Tube:

  • Start by ensuring the tube is clean inside out.
  • Measure and mark the position where you want your LED strip to start and end.

2. Installing the Mist Maker:

  • Securely fit the USB ultrasonic mist maker at the bottom of the tube. Ensure it sits snugly.
  • Make a small hole at the base of the tube for the mist maker wire.

3. Fitting the LED Strip:

  • Gently stick the LED strip inside the tube, starting from the marked position.
  • Ensure that the LED strip is evenly spaced and firmly attached to the tube’s inner wall.

4. Wiring:

  • Connect the wires of the LED strip and the mist maker to the rechargeable battery pack.
  • Integrate the on/off switch into the circuit, ensuring you can easily access it once everything is assembled.
  • Ensure all connections are firm and insulated to avoid any short-circuits.

5. Sealing the Tube:

  • Using the silicone sealant, seal the base of the tube, ensuring it’s watertight. Let it dry as per the sealant instructions.
  • Fill the tube with distilled water till the desired level, making sure the mist maker is fully submerged but the LED strip is above the water level.

6. Testing:

  • Turn on the switch. The mist maker should start producing mist, and the LED should light up, illuminating the mist in different colors.

Usage and Maintenance Tips:

  • Always use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits that might affect the ultrasonic mist maker’s functioning.
  • Clean the tube regularly to ensure it remains clear and free from any microbial growth.
  • Charge the battery pack as required. If the LED brightness diminishes or the mist production is low, it might be time for a recharge.


Creating a DIY LED Humidifier Stick not only adds aesthetic value to your space but also provides the benefits of a humidifier, like preventing dry skin and respiratory issues. It’s a simple yet impactful device, ideal for personal desks, bedside tables, or even as a gift. Enjoy the soothing mist and calming LED lights in your very own, self-made masterpiece.