Do you need extra cooling space, but lack the room for a full-size fridge? Danby’s compact refrigerators have got you covered. Providing all the benefits and performance of a larger unit in just a fraction of the space, these petite powerhouses are perfect for any home, office, or dormitory.

Prepare to discover some of the best Danby Compact Refrigerators that’ll revamp your refrigeration game!

Key Takeaways

  • Danby compact refrigerators are a great option if you need extra cooling space but lack room for a full-size fridge.
  • They come in various types, including All-Refrigerator and Dual-Door options, to suit different needs.
  • Some key features to consider are the CanStor® Dispensing System, R600a refrigerant for efficient cooling, and the storage capacity of each model.
  • Top picks include the Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black, Midea WHS – 65LSS1, and Danby Diplomat DCR044B1BM which offer spacious storage and stylish designs.

What You Need to Know About Danby Compact Refrigerators

A fully stocked Danby compact refrigerator showcasing its storage capacity.Danby compact refrigerators come in various types, including All-Refrigerator and Dual-Door options. They also offer features like the CanStor® Dispensing System and use R600a refrigerant for efficient cooling.

Types of compact refrigerators (All-Refrigerator, Dual-Door, etc.)

Compact refrigerators come in many forms. It’s best to know the types before buying one.

  • All-Refrigerator: These are great for those who don’t need a freezer. They provide all fridge space.
  • Dual-Door: These are energy-saving fridges with separate doors for the fridge and freezer. The temperatures stay different, so no energy is wasted.
  • Mini Freezer-Fridge Combos: These are perfect for places with limited room.
  • Apartment-Sized Refrigerators: These still fit in small spots but offer more space than mini-fridges.
  • Undercounter Refrigerators: You can place these under counters to save room.
  • Compact Refrigerator-Freezer Units: If you need both a fridge and a freezer, get this type.

Features to consider (CanStor® Dispensing System, R600a refrigerant, etc.)

Danby Compact Refrigerators come with many smart features. These features are worth looking at for everyone who needs a small fridge.

  • CanStor® Dispensing System: This is a special feature made by Danby. It helps you get your drink cans easily.
  • R600a Refrigerant: Danby fridges use this gas. It is kind to our earth and saves energy.
  • All-Refrigerator Design: This design gives you more space for your food.
  • u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noopeneru0022u003eAutomatic Defrost Systemu003c/au003e: You don’t need to defrost the fridge yourself.
  • Control of Temperature Range: The temperature in the fridge can go from 10-0ºC (50-32ºF). You can change it as you like.
  • Storage Capacity: The smallest Danby fridge can hold 2.6 cu.ft of items.
  • Glass Shelves: The glass shelves in these fridges are tough, they won’t break easily.
  • u003ca href=u0022 Steel Finishu003c/au003e: Some Danby fridges have doors made of clean steel.

Top Picks for Danby Compact Refrigerators

A line of Danby Compact Refrigerators in a modern kitchen.

The top picks for Danby Compact Refrigerators include the Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black, Midea WHS-65LSS1, and Danby Diplomat DCR044B1BM.

Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black

The Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black is a great choice for your home. You can store a lot of food in it because it’s really big inside! This fridge even has a special spot to hold drink cans.

It’s easy to use since you don’t need to bend down or stand on tiptoes to reach something inside, thanks to sitting at the same height as most counters. Its cool black look will add style into your kitchen too!

Midea WHS-65LSS1

The Midea WHS-65LSS1 is recommended as the best mini fridge for most people. It costs $160 and is available in Canada. This mini fridge doesn’t have a freezer compartment, which may be suitable for those who don’t need to freeze food.

The Midea WHS-65LSS1 was rated as the best mini fridge for 2023, making it a reliable choice for upper and middle class consumers, aspiring consumers, and those in rural areas entering the consumer market.

Danby Diplomat DCR044B1BM

The Danby Diplomat DCR044B1BM is one of the top picks for Danby compact refrigerators. It offers a spacious 4.4 cubic feet of refrigeration space, making it perfect for storing your favorite snacks and beverages.

This model comes with a built-in full-width chiller compartment and a crisper drawer for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh. The sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen or living space.

Plus, it is Energy Star certified, so you can be assured that it is energy efficient and eco-friendly. Another great feature of this refrigerator is the reversible door hinge, which allows for flexible placement and easy access no matter where you decide to install it in your home.

What Makes These Models Stand Out

These models stand out due to their spacious capacity, extended warranty length, separate freezer section, automatic defrost operation, and convenient vegetable crisper.

Capacity (cu.ft)

Danby compact refrigerators come in various sizes, offering different storage capacities to suit your needs. The Danby 2.2 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black and Stainless Steel models have a cooling capacity of 2.2 cubic feet (62 L), providing enough space for small kitchens or dorm rooms.

If you need more room for storing groceries and beverages, the Danby Designer 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator has a larger capacity of 4.4 cubic feet (125 L). This model is ideal for dens, workshops, rec rooms, or lunchrooms where you require extra storage space.

Additionally, the Danby Designer 3.2 cu.ft Compact Fridge in Stainless Steel offers a storage capacity of 3.2 cubic feet (91 L), making it perfect for bedrooms or small living spaces like apartments or dorms.

Warranty Length

The warranty length for the Danby 1.6 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator in Black is 12 months, providing coverage for parts and labor. The Danby Designer 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black offers a longer warranty of 18 months, also covering parts and labor.

The Danby 2.6 cu.ft Contemporary Classic Compact Refrigerator has a warranty length of 12 months as well, with coverage for parts and labor included.

Unfortunately, there is no information available on the warranty length for the other mentioned models or the Danby Designer mini fridge.

Separate Freezer Section

Compact refrigerators with a separate freezer section are a popular choice for many households. These models have one large door that contains both the freezer and refrigerated space, making it convenient to store frozen foods alongside your other groceries.

One example is the Danby 4.5 cu. ft. compact fridge with true freezer, which has a full-width true freezer section that operates at -18°C. Another option is the Danby 3.2 cu. ft. compact refrigerator, which offers 3.2 cubic feet of cooling space and 0.91 cubic feet of freezer space.

These models are great for apartments, rec rooms, and bars where space may be limited but having a dedicated freezing area is still important for storing frozen items like ice cream or leftovers.

Automatic Defrost/Frost free operation

Danby compact refrigerators come with a convenient feature called automatic defrost or frost-free operation. This means that you don’t have to worry about manual defrosting, as the cooling system takes care of it for you.

No more dealing with frost buildup or ice accumulation in the freezer compartment! Models like the Danby 10.0 cu. ft. Apartment Size Fridge Top and Danby 1.6 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black offer this handy feature, ensuring your food stays fresher for longer without any freezerburn worries.

Say goodbye to the hassle of defrosting and hello to easy and convenient fridge maintenance!

Vegetable crisper

The vegetable crisper in Danby compact refrigerators is a special compartment that helps to keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer periods of time. It prevents moisture from escaping, which helps to maintain their crispness and juiciness.

The crisper controls the airflow around the produce, extending their shelf life and preventing spoilage. With a vegetable crisper in your fridge, you can enjoy the freshness of your favorite fruits and vegetables for an extended period of time, saving you trips to the grocery store and reducing food waste.

So if you’re looking for a compact refrigerator that can preserve the quality of your produce, make sure to choose one with a reliable vegetable crisper like those found in Danby models.

Reviews and Ratings

Customers have given these Danby compact refrigerators positive reviews and high ratings for their performance, features, and value for money.

Average Customer Ratings

As a potential customer for a Danby Compact Refrigerator, it’s important to consider the average customer ratings of various models. This can give a clear picture of overall customer satisfaction and help in making an informed decision.

ModelAverage Customer Rating
Danby 1.0 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black5.0 out of 5 stars
Danby Designer 3.1 cu. ft. 2-door Compact Fridge4.7 out of 5 stars
Danby Designer 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in White4.6 out of 5 stars
Danby 10 cu. ft. Compact Fridge Bottom Mount in Stainless4.3 out of 5 stars
Danby Designer 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black4.8 out of 5 stars
Danby 7.4 cu. ft. Apartment Size Fridge Top Mount in White4.6 out of 5 stars

This table offers a breakdown and comparison of customer ratings for different Danby refrigerator models. It’s worth noting that all models listed have strong scores, reflecting a consistently high level of customer satisfaction with Danby products.

Pros and Cons

Each Danby compact refrigerator model has its strengths and weaknesses that potential buyers should be aware of. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons:

Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in BlackPopular choice. Receives positive customer feedback.Consumes slightly more energy than larger fridges.
Midea WHS-65LSS1Considered the best mini fridge for most people by Consumer Reports.Some consumers may prefer Danby’s design and features.
Danby Diplomat DCR044B1BMCompact and efficient, a favorite among consumers entering the market.Some users report issues with temperature consistency.
Danby Designer 4.4 Cubic Feet refrigeratorAttractive design; praised for keeping beverages cold.More expensive than other, similar models.
Danby 1.0 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in BlackWidely lauded for its compact design and functionality.Only suitable for consumers who require minimal fridge space.
Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Outdoor Fridge in Stainless SteelConvenient temperature control and mobility; suitable for outdoor use.Limited interior space may not satisfy some consumers’ needs.

Weighing these pros and cons can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a Danby compact refrigerator.

Comparison with other mini fridges

Contrasting the Danby compact refrigerators with other similar compact fridges in the market can provide a clear view of their unique features and advantages.

FeaturesDanby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact FridgeMidea WHS-65LSS1
Capacity (cu.ft)4.41.6
Warranty Length12 months24 months
Separate Freezer SectionYesNo
Automatic DefrostYesNo
Vegetable CrisperYesNo
Energy EfficiencyMediumHigh

Comparing with other models, the Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge offers more space and has features like a separate freezer section, automatic defrost, and vegetable crisper, which aren’t available in the Midea WHS-65LSS1. However, the Midea model outperforms the Danby in terms of energy efficiency and warranty length. It’s important to note though, that the Danby compact refrigerator is ideal for certain spaces like workshops, dens, rec rooms, and lunchrooms, as per the facts provided.


When it comes to finding the best compact refrigerators for your home, Danby has you covered. With their range of sizes and models designed to fit small spaces, you can enjoy all the benefits and performance of a full-size unit.

The popular Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Fridge in Black offers ample refrigeration space and convenient features like a built-in chiller and crisper. Customers have praised these reliable and efficient mini fridges, making them top-rated options in the market.

Don’t compromise on quality or performance – choose Danby for your compact refrigerator needs!