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Are you a talented writer with impeccable skills? Are looking to attract a wider audience and market your expertise to more people? Well, codersorbit.com invites you aboard. We believe that all enthusiastic writers deserve a chance and a platform to express themselves. That is why we welcome new ideas and contributions to our site. Just like the name suggests, codersorbit.com is a product review centered platform that churns out quality buying guides.

For guest post submissions you can contact us here or mail us at support@codersorbit.com

We offer solid purchasing tips and review exceptional products relating to travel, garden and sports, home and electronics. This is in a bid to help buyers to make informed decisions prior to choosing products in this area. If you are serious about kick starting your writing career or building a great portfolio to heighten your chances for better writing opportunities in future, this could be a great chance to grow your brand. That is not all; there is more in store for you as a guest blogger on our website.

What are the benefits of writing for us?

In case you are wondering, what is in for me? We have an exhaustive answer for that. You stand to gain a lot. To begin with, you will attract high back traffic to your site. In addition to that, you will boost your website’s domain authority. Another added advantage that comes with writing for us is increased visibility and improved brand awareness.

You have our platform at your disposal to showcase what you have to offer.  With thousands of readers visiting our site on a daily basis, your writing skills and valuable content will surely gain a worldwide outreach and attract a bigger audience. Most importantly, by hoping on board, you will get to create crucial connections that will have a huge impact in your journey as a blogger.

Basically, our ‘write for us’ opening will be a win-win in the long run. It is also an ingenious SEO strategy that is mostly encouraged for emerging businesses and upcoming writers to establish a solid foundation in the market. You get all this perks while also advancing our agenda which is to create quality and relevant content.

Technical requirements of our content

1. Topics

Before coming to us with a potential article pitch, find time to read through our previous publications. Your title should fall within the following niches:

  • Electronics
  • Home & Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Travel stories
  • Couples holidays
  • Travel guides
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Reviews
  • Sports Holidays

2. Content length

Our site always prefers quality over quantity. We only publish articles that are in-depth and well researched rather than filler words that only make the content lengthy. The standard length for every guest post is 1200+ words.

3. Language

The article needs to be written in flawless English indicating a clear purpose. Additionally, we ask for an upbeat, positive and informative tone.

4. Images

If you must use images, we expect you to incorporate original pictures or picture prompts that are copyright free.

5. SEO features

You should be well versed with SEO features as we expect you to use SEO titles and proper keyword frequency without any stuffing to give your content a natural flow and better ranking on the search engine.

6. Title

In order to stand out, it is imperative to use attention grabbing titles. This will attract more readers, market your writing skills and also put our platform on the global map.

What we are after

1. Original and unique content

This is obvious, right? We are looking for content that will encourage out readers to stay hooked on our site and boost engagements as well. To qualify for this spot, you must write content that is creative and out of the ordinary. We are always aspiring to distinguish our site for other ordinary platforms and that should be portrayed in what we publish.

2. In line with other posts

To get a taste of our writing style, please read through our earlier posts before putting down anything that might not be in line with what we expect.  

3. Flawless content

We are quite strict when it comes to the quality of what qualifies to be published on our site. We expect creative, well written articles free of any spelling or grammatical errors. The sentences should flow smoothly and communicate clearly to the reader.

4. Compliment our target audience

Our site is quite picky regarding the content that fits the bill for publishing. One thing that we give top most priority is our audience. Above everything else, your content must stick to the vision of our platform and provide credible information to our esteemed readers.

What we do not accept

Misleading or wrong information

We require you to conduct extensive research before writing any post that you need to be published on our site. Any information that strays from facts will not be accepted. Give credit where necessary and utilize dependable data from authoritative sources.

Plagiarized content

Copied or plagiarized content has no room on our site. Any attempt to do that will likely lead to the deactivation of your account. It is simply offensive and a gross violation of our platform’s policy.

Content that has been published before

As stated earlier, we only publish content that is exceptional and one of a kind. We have a keen eye for detail and can easily point out any content that has been published before. Anything short of 100% originality will compromise our integrity, something that is utterly unacceptable.

Sensitive, racist or offensive material

All our publications are meant for a global audience. We always strive to be neutral and impartial besides maintaining sensitivity to all cultures. Therefore, we will not publish any material that is offensive or racist.

Your article should meet all the requirements outlined above. When you are ready to write, simply submit an outline of your idea and if we like it, we will get in touch. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that your article will be published on our platform.

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